You have the time, manage it well for business to thrive

Friday last week, over lunch, we were discussing the challenges as well as merits of starting a business while in employment with Laban Kemboi, my first roommate on campus, now a banker.

At some point, somehow off the mark, he asked me when I write because my schedule seems tight with meetings with clients, employees and a horde of administrative issues. He wondered whether I could be sacrificing my family, sleep or social life to write.

I responded by asking my friend how he managed to do an MBA course and other courses while working on a demanding job and nurturing a young family a few years ago.

At this point, our conversation delved into time management, a discipline that every person, whether an entrepreneur or not, must have to achieve anything worthwhile in life.

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Surprising, we agreed that he strategically created blocks of time when he would attend classes in the evening and sometimes over the weekend. This did not hurt his productivity at work or at home.

American business trainer, Brian Tracy, writes passionately about time management as one of the key pillars behind every successful enterprise.

Running a business or any organisation is not an easy task. Often, managers find a million and one things craving for their attention every day.

The most effective managers, Tracy says, are those who get large chunks or blocks of time through strategic time management to do important things.

Without this important tool, it is easy to drift briskly throughout the day and go home tired and without having accomplished anything significant.

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If this happens often, at the end of the month, year or decade, you will find yourself having accomplished nothing and blaming lack of time, your bosses, your parents or the economy for the mess you will be in.

If you desire to succeed in your career or business you must set clear goals and create large block of time on daily or weekly to achieve them through strategic time management.

Most of us are good at keeping appointment such as being in class at the right time, arriving at the venue before the client and not missing your favourite soap or soccer tournament.

All you need is often book appointment with yourself to do what is important to your personal development and success. Be disciplined and switch off the phone or put on silent mode and return calls only after the end of meeting.

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If you are working at home let your family know you are in a serious meeting, charting your destiny.

You can use such blocks of time to perform certain activities such writing, reading business books or attending gym to keep fit.

You can also be researching on industrial trends, do prospecting, visit your customers or sharing your vision with staff and other stakeholders whose support is critical to your success.

Doing this regularly will increase your productivity and lift you up in your career or business to levels you never imagined.

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