Why Women make much better entrepreneurs

Aquick study about the startups today will tell you that women founders have outnumbered men. Also, various researches have suggested that women are generally more successful entrepreneurs than men. You may dislike what you are reading but experts have enlisted a few unbeatable reasons to support their research. Let’s take a closer look:

Women take risks just like men do but they are more calculated

Running a business is encompassed with risks. If you aren’t a risk taker you won’t be able to succeed as an entrepreneur. Having said that, taking careless risks is just as bad as taking no risks or even worse. When compared, it is proven that women are more cautious in this regard. They take risks but they are extremely calculated. They are also realistic and take steps to temper their business based on the risk assessment.

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Women don’t easily fall prey to over-confidence

While men are quick to say that their business is prospering, women are not. This doesn’t mean their business is not doing as well as (or better than) their male counterparts. It only means that women don’t let success get to their heads. They are more likely to refrain from revealing how well they are doing. A study shows that women are generally not over-confident even if they know they are doing very well. This is essential for any business startup tool kit.


Women generally think long-term – the big picture

Men and women both want their businesses to grow but growth has different meanings for each. Men generally want to grow quickly and make an exit quickly. Women are more nurturing. They prefer reinvesting in their own businesses to see steady growth even if it is over a longer period of time.

Women face more barriers than men and yet succeed

It is a known fact that women face more barriers in their entrepreneurial journey. These may be technical barriers, networking barriers, and/or work-life balance concerns. However, they manage to beat all the odds and still be successful entrepreneurs. Imagine the success their see if business planning was equivalent for men and women!


Women today are expressing themselves and taking on the world along with all the challenges it poses. They are doing wonderfully well, too, which is why they make better entrepreneurs than men.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Many studies have revealed that women are no longer in the backseat. They are in the entrepreneurial groove just like men are and they are doing very well. In fact, they are doing much better than men in a number of ways thanks to their inherent attributes such as calculated risk taking and not being over confident.

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