With the realization that Kenyans will always have a function to host or attend such as, weddings, funerals, graduations among others. It is in this regard that, many individuals seem to be outsourcing the help, in general, hiring Catering Services.

To start, one must ensure they have a passion or love for cooking in order to run a successful kitchen.
The founder must create an inventory of what they have in order to identify the equipment they will need. Then, look for a market niche that the competition has overlooked or that they feel they can excel in.

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They need to determine a menu to offer catering clients.It should be based on their specialties in cooking and the market. The price of items should also be considered to stay competitive but make profit. Pricing is always a challenge and is determined by location, time it takes to prepare a dish, cost of ingredients and the profit margin you plan to achieve.

Catering more than just food however and at times clients expect provision of linen, china, glassware, utensils and even chairs and tables at some events as well as food. The caterer is advised to research their suppliers in advance to create reliability on D-day and for future reference.

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One needs to develop a business plan that covers the additional investment they will need to get started and the first three to six months of revenues and expenses. In addition, obtain the required licenses need to carry the business in order to legitimize it.
In conclusion, develop a marketing program that will enable reach of potential clients.

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