What we need to know during the @DaystarUni 37th Graduation ceremony-BY Diing.A.Magot

Daystar university will proudly flaunt graduands through the Chancellor or his or her deputy, the academic staff, and the public by celebrating its 37th graduation ceremony at the amphitheater in Athi river campus .This ceremony is meant to recognize the students hard work and perseverance during the four years that they have spent doing assignments ,group work, continuous assessment,(CATS) and the final end of semester exams.

“The future is fruitful “,according to 21 –year- old Wesley Muraratia Kajirwa whose major is Peace and conflict and has a minor is in IR (International Relations).He has a positive attitude considering the many times he has been rejected when he sent his CV while looking for a job. According to him ‘’Applying for jobs has been hectic, one should bear in mind that when you apply for a job there is a possibility of being rejected.’’

Wesley believes that his interacting personality and ambitious personality will help him to become successful in the future .He helps out his mother with Kafami stores which is a family business for clothes in Nairobi near diplomat hotel. His main passion is acting and modeling which he plans to continue at A-list modeling agency.

His advice for students studying at Daystar University is that, “work experience comes in handy and that is why students should take every opportunity that comes by’’. Wesley also encourages students to work hard on their g.p.a and be ambitious because later on one might need to enroll for a Masters level.

The purpose for every student when they join a university is to be able to achieve good grades which will enable him/her to have a bright future with success that will leave a mark. Graduation is also the beginning of a new life for students. It enables independence because you start working by practicing the theories that you were once taught by lecturers in the classrooms.

Another opportunity that this graduation has brought is business. Zachary Kabochi Zackary will be selling frames for pictures and shiny ornaments that can be worn on top of the graduation gowns ranging from KSH100 to KSH1000.


Originally posted 2015-06-27 12:17:17.

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