Want to start a business? Here are 10 Best Business Ideas in Kenya for 2015

It seems as though it’s all been done before, but this is far from the case. New business ideas are available wherever you look. Yes, they do require commitment to execute them, but coming up with new business ideas and successfully executing them is one of the cornerstones to achieving financial freedom. After careful research, the ideas below have been noted to be some of the best business ideas in Kenya for 2015. Being the business hub for East and Central Africa, businesses in Kenya stand a good chance of doing well.

1. Real Estate

In large urban centers, towns and rural communities, there is an overwhelming interest in land and small plots. In almost every community in Kenya, owning a piece of land has been a coveted investment and with increasing population, this has become even more urgent. The desire (or is it lust) by every Kenyan to own land or a home has reached alarming proportions. Every Kenyan now wants to own a home and stop paying rent.

Many simple Kenyans have become millionaires in a very short time by simply buying and selling land. As much as there are numerous con artists who have infiltrated the land business, with proper due diligence and pure common sense, you can make it big in buying and selling land in Kenya.

Buying large chunks of land and sub-dividing into smaller portions for disposal is a very lucrative business idea in Kenya for 2015. You are almost assured 100% that you will make very huge gains in this business. If you have access to a larger capital base, you will make much more by buying and developing the land then selling it off.

With the ever biting housing shortage especially for the middle and low income segments, constructing houses for sale can be a very lucrative business idea in Kenya for 2015. This can work very well in the out skirts of Nairobi such as Kamulu, Joska, Isinya, Ngong, Kiserian and other towns where land is still inexpensive.

2. Value addition in Agriculture

Kenya’s economy is essentially still agri-based and looking around almost every single home in rural Kenya and many urban homes, there is some sort of agriculture going on. Food is and will always be in demand all over the world. Agribusiness is therefore one of the biggest business ideas in Kenya for 2015. You can never go wrong if you add value to agricultural produce and sell.

For example, instead of just selling milk, turn it into mala (sour milk), yoghurt or cheese. You will fetch much better prices in the market. This will give you an edge over other farmers. With some vegetables, you can preserve them by drying and packaging to last longer. Sell them during times of shortages and you will command better prices. For fruits, make juices and fruit salads and package for distribution. Others like banana can be dried and milled to make flour for cakes.

The beauty about value addition in agriculture as a business is that you can engage in it whether you are a farmer or not. As a farmer, instead of just selling your farm produce as they are, you can add value and get better prices. If you are not a farmer, you will simply buy from farmers at lower prices and sell at higher prices after adding value. Therefore, if you are looking for a great business idea in Kenya for 2015, add value to agricultural produce.

3. Child Care Centre

With increasing cases of insecurity from house helps who abuse or sell babies, many parents are opting to take their non school going children to child care centres. This business idea will work very well if you target the middle class in Kenya. So if you are looking for a great business idea in Kenya for 2015, set up a child care centre.

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Many middle class parents in Kenya have working mothers and fathers who leave home as early as 5:30 am and get back home as late as 7:00pm, thanks to perennial traffic holdups in our roads, especially in Nairobi and Mombasa. These parents have small children who may not be going to school and have to be left at home every day. The only alternative has been to hire house helps, but cases of house helps abusing or even kidnapping the children left under their care have been on the rise in many parts of the country. The children are kidnapped and sold off.

Many such parents are now opting to take their children to child care centers where they are assured of the safety of their children until they come back home from work. In these centers, the children will be fed, washed and entertained the whole day.

4. Government tenders

The new government that came into power in Kenya in 2013 promised to award 30% of government tenders to the youth and women groups. The value of the tenders reserved for these groups has grown into billions of shillings. In fact, according to a report presented to Parliament, by late 2014, the government had awarded over Sh1.4 billion worth of contracts to women and youth.

Many youth and women have won tenders worth millions of shillings to supply stationery, grade roads, offer services such as cleaning or repairs and many others. With the creation of county governments in the new constitution, servicing tenders will be a major business idea in Kenya for 2015. If you apply diligently and without giving up, you are going to make money in Kenya in 2015 as many tenders are up for grabs all over the country.

All you need to do is to register a company and look out for these tenders in the daily newspapers. If you are under 35 years of age, or if you are a woman, you can also register with the treasury and get preferential treatment. Disabled people also get preferential treatment. You can also come together in groups with complementary skills to increase your chances of being awarded.

5. Online Stores

Whenever you look around you, have you noticed that everyone wants to sell or buy something? In the newspapers, billboards, magazines, internet radio, everywhere people are placing all manner of items for sale. You can take advantage of this and turn it into a business idea in Kenya for 2015.

By providing a platform for all these people to sell their items, you will make good money. Come up with an online store such as jumia, pigiame, rupu etc. Ask people to place their items for sale at a small fee and market this platform vigorously. Have you noticed how many face book groups where items are sold have sprung up? The demand is high. The Internet changed the way people shop and changed businesses in general.

Your platform should have categories for example cars, real estate, households, electronics, furniture, clothes, gift items, jewellery, books, foods, services etc. complete with beautiful pictures for easy navigation. The beauty with this business idea in Kenya for 2015 is that the opportunities are endless since you can sell to the whole world, not just Kenya alone.

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The basic of this business idea in Kenya for 2015 is that you will be connecting buyers with sellers at a feel. You will not need to stock anything.

6. School or College

Every year, thousands of children sit for national exams in Kenya but only a few get admitted to secondary schools or universities. The demand for schools and other colleges in Kenya outstrips supply. Year after year, thousands of school leavers are unable to get places to advance their education.

This demand for schools and colleges can be transformed into a lucrative business idea in Kenya for 2015. Start small and grow big with time. By leasing space or rooms in major urban centers, you can set up a secondary school to absorb those who have completed primary level education or set up a college for those who have completed secondary education.

Qualified and experienced teachers in all subjects and competent school administrators are readily available in Kenya. Hire a few of them and provide quality equipment and facilities and you will attract thousands of candidates. You can offer marketable skills such as carpentry, metal work, business studies, electrical studies and construction both theory and practical.

This business idea in Kenya for 2015 will be even more attractive if you network and get into an agreement with some business owners and local companies to send students for attachment as part of the course and as a requirement to graduate. You will benefit the students as they will acquire the necessary skills for the market and make them employable after their education. On the other hand, it will also benefit the business and company owners since they will enjoy free or cheap labour during the time when the students work for them.

7. Vending Machine

Kenyans are busy people and many of them would like to buy things quickly and move on. You can meet this need by installing a vending machine for stuff such as water, milk, juice, soft drinks, snacks, sweets, cigarettes, newspapers etc. This business idea in Kenya for 2015 will best work with items sold in small compact forms.

Shop around for the appropriate vending machine and locate it in a strategic position such as a busy residential area, near busy bus terminus, near a college or school etc. You can also negotiate with owners of major shopping malls that have sprung up all over the country. Stock it with the appropriate goods and post an assistant to man it throughout the day. You may not need to be there all the time. Just ensure it works smoothly, well stocked and properly serviced. You will just show up at the end of the day or week to collect your cash from the machine. Call it automated shop!

The great thing about owning a vending machine business is that you could pretty much restock your machines and collect the money in about one day each week or month. The downside, of course, is finding locations or businesses to place the machines with. You’d have to give those businesses a cut of the profit because they are the ones providing the electricity to keep the vending machine running and also some will provide security for your vending machine.

8. Cleaning/Garbage Services

Residential and commercial buildings must be regularly cleaned. With many companies and county governments now outsourcing their cleaning needs, cleaning services is a good business idea in Kenya for 2015. Garbage collection services by local authorities collapsed in Kenya decades ago. This service is now provided by private individuals and private entities.

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Starting a cleaning cum garbage collection service will be a great business idea in Kenya in 2015. It is easy to start and operate. With good network and aggressive marketing, there is good money to be made in this business idea in Kenya in 2015.

For residential areas, the major opportunity is in the collection and disposal of garbage generated in the houses. Walk around and sign homes to collect garbage from at a fee, say Sh500 per house per month. With thousands of Kenyans having built their own homes in Nairobi and its outskirts and also in other major towns, this business opportunity in Kenya in 2015 is limitless.

For buildings and business premises, the opportunity is in offering cleaning services. With a few cleaning tools and shampoos, you can negotiate with owners of these buildings and businesses to clean their premises at a monthly fee. You can charge as much as Sh100,000 or even Sh500,000 depending on the size of the building.

9. Event and party planning

Every day, week, month and year, Kenyans are partying. Company and religious entertainment events, weddings, birthdays and many other events are taking place everywhere all the time. Planning and holding parties can be a very stressful undertaking.

Many people who are throwing these parties and events could be busy and may desperately need others to plant and execute for them.

Implementing this business idea in Kenya in 2015 will surely be a good way of making money. You can let the people know that you plan and execute these events and develop a good network. Let them know you can handle everything from invitations to the catering, from the entertainment to cleaning up afterwards, from the wine shopping’s to decorations. Generally this work goes for a flat fee, depending upon the size of the party. By targeting at least 2 or 3 parties or events in a week, imagine what you will make in a year.

10. Coaching and Consulting.

If you are good at coaching or if people always come to you for help on certain areas, you already have a good business idea in Kenya for 2015. Well may be it could be time to offer your services to people out there at a fee. Businesses need consultants who can help them realize their mission and visions. Individuals want help with the problems in their lives. People are willing to pay you if you can help them stay focused and work their way towards achieving their goals.

Many people in Kenya want to start businesses. If you are good in business, you can offer consulting services to those who want to start businesses or those already in business. Areas such as market research, competitor analysis, product design, business registration and set up, accounting, marketing and sales are some of the services that are in demand.

If you are good at a particular subject or area, you can also teach others at a fee. Thus could be students, business people or employees. You stand a good chance of making money with this business idea in Kenya in 2015. You could choose to do it face to face or online.

Over to You!

Now that you know the best business ideas in Kenya for 2015, why not set up any of them and get your financial freedom? While at it, share with us which business idea in Kenya for 2015 interests you most and don’t forget to share with others too.


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