Tips to Tender Successfully

The tendering process can be a minefield of potential lawsuits, with tenderers complaining of the lack of a fair and consistent approach to tendering and accusations of favouritism and corruption.

Here is where tender management is crucial.

The six main principles of any tendering process that will ensure minimal lawsuits are as follows:


Ensure it is candid, evident, manifest and easy to see through or understand


Virtue or integrity; honesty


Fairness and impartiality

Fair play

Fairness in the tendering processes. The practice of justice, unaffected by prejudice or partiality

Value for Money


Having a nose for tendering opportunities and even tendering does not mean that you or your company will get the business. Although it is difficult to trace tender opportunities it is even harder to ensure that you win the tender.

Here are some of the key tips that, we are sure, will help you:

  • Plan to win the tender as winning it is not accidental
  • Understand the tender document well. Do a SWOT analysis for your business and be sure that you meet the qualifications called for in the tendering process
  • Attend the pre-bidding briefing and document key observations and learnings for future reference
  • Supply all the required information in the tender document and seek advice where you do not understand
  • Articulate the key things that uniquely distinguish you from others
  • Ensure you have all the necessary supporting documents
  • Pull them out early enough, compile them and store them in a well-labelled folder to avoid confusion with other tender documents
  • Label each and every document well
  • Bind all the bits and pieces into one document. Make it as pleasing to the eye as possible; remember this bound document is your silent sales agent. Loose and unbound documents can get lost and they also fail to paint a picture of responsibility
  • Package the document in an envelope preferably with your company details pre-printed on it
  • Label the envelope clearly. Ensure the tender number is included, the organization where the tender is being sent to, the person to whom it is being addressed to and finally a note to show where it is from on the extreme left hand corner of the envelope
  • Send your bid to the relevant office well in time
  • During the tender document opening, stay in for the session just in case a clarification arises. For instance, you labelled your document wrongly or someone fails to open your tender accidentally. At this point you can raise a point with the tender opening committee
  • Wait for feedback within the stipulated time. Hopefully it will be positive. If you were unsuccessful, find out why
  • Lastly, keep checking for more tenders from the supplier from time after time. Continue to offer tenders with these tips in mind, and who knows you could find yourself perennially in business

Entrepreneurial Learning

Tender management for your company is very important for growth. Your business survives on it. Look out for all the possible ways of how you can be different from your competitors – be unique. Remember, out there in the market there are many competitors. You have to be different, for which people should notice you.

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