Things you should never say if you want to be successful

In order to be successful, it is important to be communicative. Communication is not just about what you say and how you do it. What you don’t say also plays a significant role.

More often than not, the main hindrance to your business growth strategies is what you say. May be you say you can’t do something or may be you are close to feedback. These things create a great barrier and do not let you be among the successful entrepreneurs even though you have the skill and talent. Let us take a look at a few more such things you should stop saying while running a business:

That’s not my job

As an entrepreneur, pretty much everything that goes on and is required is your job. If you refuse you to do something, you will go down the failure lane very quickly. Entrepreneurship is all about learning and if you say you don’t want to do something, it shows that you are not interested. It shows that you have no interest in increasing your knowledge or expanding your skills. This is a major red flag for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

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I cannot do this

When you say you can’t do something, you are closing yourself even before trying. Successful entrepreneurs are always bereft of such negative attitude. They try to find a solution and even seek help if need be. If you say you can’t do something over and over again, you will discourage yourself. That hinders your growth and lowers your confidence.

I don’t read books

Books are a reservoir of vast knowledge. They give you a lot of information that you’d otherwise ever have access to. Plus, they help you learn from others’ experiences. When you say you don’t read books, you actually convey that you are far behind the others. You also convey that you don’t think you need to learn anything. Both these impressions are highly negative and will hinder your growth. All successful entrepreneurs read a number of books and extract knowledge. They use that knowledge to grow and increase productivity.


If you don’t read books, the best thing to do is to start immediately. Start small if you find it overwhelming. Include it in your calendar or daily schedule. Soon, the world of books will grip you.

Let’s wait for our competitors

There are many who are afraid of rolling out new ideas. They choose to wait for their competitors to do something before doing it themselves. Look at Apple, Google, and other top companies. They lead from the front and develop amazing new products. They don’t wait to see what their competitors are doing. Innovation is the key to success and waiting for your competitors is not the right way to go. Create an environment that breeds innovation and be bold enough to give it wings.


Successful entrepreneurs are positive and always open to learning new things. They do not think or say anything that would hinder their growth.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Successful entrepreneurs have a few traits that set them apart from those who don’t find success. One of these traits is ensuring that they refrain from saying and even thinking a few negative things such as refusing to do something, thinking they can’t do something, and not reading books.

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