Vacations and business travel make hotels and motels our home away from home. The difference between a hotel and a motel is that a hotel provides more services and has more amenities than a motel. Motels are mostly used by people who are travelling and just want a place to spend the night. Many hotels are arranged to hold conferences and meetings, thus making them useful locations for business meetups.


Does your hotel have something unique, refreshing or innovative that people can talk about?

Do you have a good relationship with journalists and editors who can help in the PR of your company?

Do you have poster boards of the hotel online that can generate incremental bookings?

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Have you approached or do you work with the Local Destination Marketing Companies to help you to diversify your hotels’ market mix?

Have you talked to your local tourism office and find out how they can help you to promote your hotel?

Do you have a sales representative who has put your hotel on the local map with local businesses nearby?

Do you have an optimized website for your hotel?

NB: Don’t spend too much money on printing brochures etc. We are in the electronic and digital age.


It is just as important to be prepared and know what you would do in a hotel/motel emergency as it is in your own home.

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Be safe when travelling by:

  1. Choose a hotel/motel that is protected by both smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system.
  2. When you check in, ask the front desk what the fire alarm sounds like.
  3. When you enter your room, review the escape plan posted in your room.
  4. Take the time to find the exits and count the number of doors between your room and the exit. Make sure the exits are unlocked. If they are locked, report it to management right away.
  5. Keep your room key by your bed and take it with you if there is a fire.
  6. If the alarm sounds, leave right away, closing all doors behind you. Use the stairs — never use elevators during a fire.
  7. If you must escape through smoke, get low and go under the smoke to your exit.
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Do you have a business bank account?

Have you created a budget?

Have you established an accounting system?

Do you review your accounts?

Do you have procedures for providing credit and collecting outstanding debts?

You might want to seek help from an accountant, financial professional or business adviser.


By Marylinet Munyi


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