Take bold steps to achieve your goals

Progressive”, “realisation”, “worthy” and “ideal”. Write down what these words mean to you.

You have a leading commitment and then you have daily commitments. I suggest, and I truly wish you would accept this and act on it. Here is what you’re going to do; take a specific time everyday, early in the morning and set aside an hour.

I want to believe that you have a great big goal and then you have your daily ones — the ones you are so well-versed in that you can achieve with your eyes closed.

You want to get in the habit of breaking your leading goals into daily tasks and act on them consistently.

If you do, I guarantee that one day you will wake up in its realisation. It is however absolutely essential that you do make a commitment to follow the strategy that is outlined daily until you’ve altered your mind and created the habits that will automatically carry you forward.

Our minds have an unyielding grip on us. Our long-held thinking does not let go too easily.

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You can alter you mind in only two known ways; 1) by constant repetition of a new and hopefully improved idea (choosing to make the change. or 2) by the force of emotional impact (when a situation forces you to act differently).

Unfortunately, very few people are changed through voluntary repetition of actions. Most are forced into changing by emotional impact as a result of negative occurrences that jolt us into doing things differently.

This is the suggestion. This is the strategy for you today; Think about this as your life’s jigsaw puzzle. What is it out of your goals that you want to come to quick fruition? Would you say that you’re working on it in earnest? If you cannot, then seize this very minute and begin.

Being bold unlocks the genius power in you. All you need to do is engage your mind and It will grow heated. Begin, and the work will be completed.

Now before going any further, I want you to act on faith in yourself and ask you to read your top commitment aloud. This is your binding commitment.


“I will complete task outlined in my commitment in 30 days, I will allocate a special time each day and discipline myself to use that same time daily for this commitment. Go ahead and sign it. Indicate the date on it.

You’re an intelligent and wise professional; Take a copy of it and share it with someone you truly respect and tell them that you are committed to doing this. Now get moving. This is called accountability. I use it on my coaching clients; it never fails.

Achievement is about taking decisive action. Everything that we really want is already here. All we have to do is make the decision that we are only going to entertain thoughts that move us into the actions and habits to attract it. It is not necessary to map out the whole way in advance.

Let us take the first step and go as far as we can see. When we do this, we soon realise that our conditions, our environment and our circumstances start to change. We adapt to the change and go even further. We must undertake to keep growing our consciousness.

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Do you believe that you can do this? Alright, say it; “I believe that I can make the decision to greatly improve the quality of my life in … time. Then ask yourself; “do I do it?”

If you don’t, you want to integrate your belief with you behaviour. This is called authenticity. When you truly believe anything, you do it. If you find that you are not motivated to do it, it means one of three things: you do not really believe in your capability, you are not truly vested in the benefit.

If the the end result is worth it for you, the effort required to achieve it becomes a non-issue. Trust me; this seemingly simple exercise is is a game-changer. It is worth more than you can imagine right now.


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