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Giving back to society is a noble course. Not everyone is blessed with that ability because it defines a big heart, one that has grown to beat their own narrow confines and gained responsibility over others. It all started late last year around August when three beautiful women sat as organizers to a fundraiser event that would see their friend, Dave Oduor C.E.O and founder Dave Cloth, take part in one of the most coveted fashion events in Atlanta Georgia. The event was a success as a lot of money was raised but sadly it was too late for the fashion designer to leave the country since he was to be there a week before to handle logistics but could not make it. From this success came an idea founded by two Mass Communication Students at Daystar University; Marianne Amondi-Artist, Winnie Adhiambo-Model and their lady counterpart friend Art & Design student at The University of Nairobi Anabelle Nyole. Together they had an idea to reach out to the young and talented in society but without the privilege or know how to tap into them. Most of their friends, whom together they had made a successful event for Dave, saw business while others saw charity but  something different, and that is nurturing talent.

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Therefore, they had to weed out those who did not want to identify with their cause in order to remain with those whom together they would pursue their venture. Early this year the three of them registered their enterprise as a charity organization known as Tailors with Quavers +254. Their work involves visiting children homes and finding talented kids in relation to art say: dancers, singers, instrumentalists, designers, drawers all aspiring and send them to schools that will help them out. Up to this point you probably ask yourself how do they raise the money interesting, right? Well they plan an event and all proceeds go towards helping out the kids. Currently they have visited one home that is Karinde Child’s Centre where they were able to spot 9 young talented kids with ages (8-14) whom they have subjected to mentorship programs within themselves as members. Each member has been assigned a child who they have to mentor, for instance, a child aspiring to be a dancer has been assigned to a dancer and so on and so forth.

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Mid next month, they will have the event Talent Exposed that will see all proceeds raised in the event go towards sending the children in the supportive talent nurturing institutions. They had a meeting with Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero, who liked their idea and has been very helpful to them, but as they say, they cannot depend on him forever. In the event they are looking forward to work with Kiwi for the art and drawers contest, PAWA 254 for spoken word and the musicians, Tics dance Crew for the dancers and they are in talks with Music conserve and Sauti Academy to take up the children for their competent programs.

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In the future, the children supported as of this current bunch become part of the organization and Tailors with Quavers remains hopeful to have awards yearly in the later years to recognize, appreciate and award these amazing talents.

‘Do not change your mind, do not lose your dream and more important than even Plan B, is to stick to plan A-that is our motto here at Tailors With Quavers +254. I hope it inspires you out there because to us it has been quite instrumental.’ Marianne Amondi, the Lead Founder.

Here at the www.thefounder.co.ke we wish them all the best in their endeavor and promise to be on the look for great stuff from them.

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