Super fast internet is no longer a preview of the super rich developed countries. Kenya boasts of having layered a fiber optical cable with a capacity of up to 1.2Terabytes per second connected to our coast from the Middle East .So many opportunities are  now given a free rein as internet access is more robust fast and dependable.

To start with we can look at the explosion of web based commerce; China’s Alibaba handles commerce worth more than a hundred billion dollars annually .In Kenya we too are witnessing how online commerce is taking off and everybody is becoming more and more reliant on the internet.

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Entrepreneurs can now explore options on taking their business online more so tech entrepreneurs can innovate and launch online based businesses such as ;

Webhosting services – tech entrepreneurs can start developing and hosting websites.  This is type of business venture can only be functionally operation if there is availability of a high data bandwidth such as the one provided by on optical fiber connection.

Commercial Shared work spaces – We have witnessed in the country a couple of shared work places especially ones operating as incubations centers for tech startups. One key ingredient of any of these shared work spaces is access to high speed internet so thank God for the fiber optic cable it would have been hard to host hundreds of people in one place connected.

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Online transacting – Online transactions play a pivotal role in enabling business. Entrepreneurs looking to foray into transaction handling and e-commerce have the field ploughed and ready and can operate without facing lag and technical glitches.

Online Marketing – We cannot leave out the digital space of online marketing .Business people now have the capacity to affordably upload lots of digital content online for marketing purposes .This is an opportunity for those entrepreneurs who want to explore the lucrative niche of digital marketing.

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With the fiber optic technology we can see the future of business opening up and a reality where access to online content and resources is unlimited.

By Misoi Alvin

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