The one thing an entrepreneur must have is zeal. You need to be psyched about your product and be able to talk about it head off at the snap of a finger.

That said, what your target consumer wants to know is simple; what will this product do for me?

So how do you make a winning sale of your product? It starts with a story and ends with an emotional hook that makes one want to run and buy your product. Learn how to do it from these top local and global brands – they tell great stories and make great sales in return.

  1. NIKE – Just Do it

Brand Value on Forbes as of May 2016 – USD 100.1bn (Sh10.1 trillion)

Nike started off as a company that distributed Japanese-made sports shoes, now it is a global sports brand. Their 1988 campaign “Just Do it” has resonated decades on, not just as a fancy brand tagline, but as a way of life. “Just Do It” is a tag line and unique selling proposition that tells you, the consumer, that whoever you are, wherever you are, you can and should do it.

No excuses, Just. Do. It. And with that emotional appeal and great global advertising campaigns, anyone, from a sport professional to an individual looking for running shoes to jog in the morning knows they can do. And they do it with Nike products.

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  1. TUSKER  – Team Kenya

EABL Half Year Report 2016 net sales Sh37.5bn

Tusker is one of Kenya’s leading brands, and the story it has constantly sold is one of heritage. Tusker is Kenya. It sells itself as purely Kenyan, from the teams it supports to the imagery in its commercials, whether it is a fisherman at Lake Victoria, to a construction worker in Nairobi, to people walking to work in Industrial Area, friends in a high-end pub, people in a stadium, tea pickers, Tusker sells itself as the National symbol that brings all Kenyans together.

Even teetotallers who don’t drink alcohol, after seeing some Tusker ads will “raise one for the team.” The next time you are watching a Kenyan compete in an international sport, look around you, there is a likelihood that someone around you is sipping a Tusker.


  1. WALT DISNEY – Where dreams come true

Brand Value on Forbes as of May 2016 – USD 169.3 bn (Sh17.1 trillion) 

Because of Walt Disney, our childhoods were transformed by the magical stories we grew up watching. It started with one character, Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney’s core business is imagination turned into possibilities, encompassed in their slogan, “Where dreams come true.” What Disney does is develop a story first and then sells merchandise to draw in the revenue.

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Think about all the animated movies over time, such as Frozen, Monsters Inc, Mickey Mouse, Cars, The Incredibles, Goofy, Toy Story – all these stories have accompanying merchandise, from bed spreads, to lunchboxes, toothbrushes, clothes, jewelry, stationery, video games, books, movies – the list is endless.


  1. SAFARICOM – Niko Na

Total Revenue as of March 2016 quarterly report – SH195.7bn

You cannot deny that Safaricom is the lead Kenyan brand. It has steadily evolved, following the same route that Tusker has. It sells itself as the embodiment of Kenya.

People may complain about the provider, but the big question you need to ask yourself is, why are you still subscribed to it? It all has to do with the emotional appeal. Think the breathtaking sweeping images of Kenya and people from all walks of life in every commercial.


  1. COCA COLA – Taste the feeling
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Brand Value on Forbes as of May 2016: USD 192.8bn (Sh19.5 trillion)

Coca Cola, through its lead brand, Coke, has constantly sold itself as the cool drink that brings out the fun. If you are thirsty having a meal, walking around on a hot day or having a party with friends; there has to be a Coca Cola nearby.

And they went the extra mile to ensure that even in the remotest village on the globe, you will find that red Kiosk having a Coke in stock. You bought into the story subliminally that good times go with Coke.



Brand Value on Forbes as of May 2016: USD 82.5bn (SH8.3 trillion)

It started off as a tech company and is now a verb. When you seek knowledge or want to find someone or a phone number, don’t search on the internet, you Google.

Google created a product that didn’t just create a story, it made you live the story.

And it is not every day that a company is able to shift lifestyles. It makes almost 90 percent of its money from advertising; with 2.5 billion users – that is almost half of the world’s population.

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