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Its valentine’s day, your relative’s birthday or even your friend is sick but you can’t make it to share love and spread happiness. Mama Mikes is a Nairobi based business that was founded in 2001 by a Kenyan in USA. It is a gifting service, used by many (mostly people in the diaspora) to send gifts and needed items to family and friends in Kenya and Uganda.
How it started. It started in the US when a Kenyan student saw how hard it was for Kenyans in the US to send gifts to their relatives back to Kenya during Valentine’s Day, birthdays or even when the relatives were sick and wanted to wish them a quick recovery. He marketed the company through family and friends and soon the word spread.
How they grew. Through friends, family and word of mouth many people started to know about the company. He then came back in Kenya and looked for an agent to work with. He then went further and started partnering with brands including US based to get products. It currently employs over 10 people, offers delivery services and has expanded to online airtime retailing and properties.
Challenges. Since its founding, mama mikes has faced a number of challenges like any business, among them; Fraud stars posing as clients with the intention of conning the company and Finances for running the company. It has also been faced with trust issues, clients could not trust easily that they could send gifts from the US and be received by their relatives in Kenya via the internet and luck of enough products from suppliers when needed.
Why this business
This company was mainly started because there was need for it, people were suffering to send gifts to their friends and family.
Don’t do it
Just as there are people that will support an idea, there are those who will discourage you from doing it. Many people said that people won’t trust the business, hence it won’t work. Now the growth has seen the company expanding to more countries beyond east Africa. Never give up on your ideas, work SMART until you make it.

Originally posted 2015-05-10 21:13:49.

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