Saying these things will weaken you as a leader

Effective business communication will help you grow as a leader.

Communication has to be among your business leadership skills if you want to be successful. Running a business can be a challenge if your communication skills are not good enough. This is because, as a leader, you are influential. What you say influences people around you. It also makes them judge you negatively. That will undermine your leadership. Listed below are a few phrases that can damage your authority:

Honestly speaking

We use these words often but when you use them in business communication, the listener wonders what you are hiding. He also starts thinking whether you have been lying until this moment.


This word has to be one of the most overused as well as misused words ever. Experts say that the word is almost never needed. Thus, you can blindly cut it off from your vernacular. No one is going to miss it.

I’ll try

When you say you’ll try, you show that you are uncertain or that you lack the ability to do it. It shows that you are not confident about the task at hand. It is always advisable to be clear. Saying that you’ll try will leave the other person in doubt. A leader should always say he will do it with conviction.

So sorry

Yes, if you have done something wrong, apologizing is fine. The meaning dies along with your leadership when you keep apologizing for everything. Saying you are sorry all the time causes people to think you are insincere with your apology because you are always apologizing!


Like is another overused word. It is mostly considered fluff today because it is used instead of sounds such as umm and err. Instead of taking pauses, people fill the space with “like” to remember what they have to say next. The usage of this word in business communication shows lack of confidence and that is bad for leadership.

Leadership and business skills have always included business communication. It is very important to be able to convey your thoughts properly without undermining your authority as a leader.

Entrepreneurial Learning

There are some phrases that are overused. While they may still be acceptable in general communication, they can really undermine your leadership when used in business communication. Learn to cut them from your language to avoid being perceived as a weak leader.

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Originally posted 2015-08-05 14:31:47.

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