Rahisi Couriers; a new dawn in revolutionized courier services

Rahisi Couriers. A name that would perfectly suit a business venture was coined in the young entrepreneurial minds of three gentlemen; Kossam Songwe, Chisomo Kajamu and Cedric Rufyikiri. The name would no sooner see the lips of many a student as well as the locals around the Daystar vicinity. For a business venture not more than a year old, these fine gentlemen seem to be doing quite well for themselves, what with approximately 500 deliveries per month.

For starters, Cedric, one of the partners intones that office space was hard to acquire. This was also made rather hard by the fact that the office had to be situated at a central location for easy access as well as efficiency. Providentially, the entrepreneurs were able to secure office space in one of the shops, at a contract, of course. Their growth is asserted by the fact that initially they had one employee, but have gradually picked up to currently having 3 under their employ.

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A venture that was fueled by the sole idea of saving time as well as resources would soon see their services enlisted by the students as well as the locals around. They publicized their services around school by handing out flyers as well as bumper stickers to the students. They also took that opportunity to market their services as well as Q&A. Their resilience was clearly put to test as they had to be able to stop as many students as possible, without losing hope for the few that ignored them.

Just like any other business, the Rahisi Couriers suffered setbacks pertinent to a budding enterprise. Giving on credit, more often than not, hurts the business. Unfortunately, inasmuch as they may try to do so with the intention of keeping customers, Cedric confesses that it was hard for the business, as the money earned is what contributes to the returns as well as the payment of their employees. Moreover, the frequent maintenance necessary for the propulsion of the couriers’ bicycles is one thing that needs constant looking into.

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The Daystar administration has also had a major role to play when it comes to the admission of the couriers into the school compound with the purpose of delivery to the students that stay in school. The partners recognize and appreciate the school for this gesture of support in their endeavors.

They were kind enough to offer the following tips for any budding entrepreneur out there who is looking to get into a partnership;


 Ensure your partners are responsible and committed to the venture
 Before veering into any venture, ensure you do qualitative research on the market. Only in the identification of the niche’ is the entrepreneur able to bridge the market gap, hence the profit.
 It is your duty to make your employees feel like part of the business instead of liabilities.
 Customer satisfaction is key. You treat a customer well they’ll stay loyal. Hell, they may even help in the publicity of your venture.
 Ensure the community around benefits from your venture.
The partners want to expand their venture to other universities in Kenya as well as internationally- with time. We here at thefounder wish them the best in their endeavors.

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