His niche is unique. As a tech guru, he is living it big courtesy of his skills and knowledge. Meet Elvis Mutoro, a fourth year student in the University of Nairobi, pursuing a degree in in Computer Science as he tells his tale.

What is Mask developers all about?

As an upcoming entrepreneur, my passion is to see people having digital data in their phones keeping them updated.For that reason, i came up with a Mobile application business.We do Android mobile applications which are free to download from the platform.

How about your humble beginning?

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After learning about web development, the thought of making mobile apps came through my mind. My first app was such an amazing joy that the client loved my work.However when it came to paying, he complained of financial constraints, and so i got nothing. I felt very discouraged, but didn’t give up.

Did success come your way?

Yes, am optimistic about much more. I remember pleading for 2500 from my dad to open a play store account. A week after listing the apps in the playstore, i got 10000 downloads which earned me $5.It was a motivation. I created a Churchill show app, showing Churchill show videos in the YouTube channel.I improved it’s version and this got me an email from Laugh industry. I met up with them and even got to see the Churchill show live shooting in Carnivore.That was something honestly.My work has enabled me to meet up with celebs like Avril, Elani, Kansiime.

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What are the major challenges that Mask developers face?

The major challenge is getting to market a new app that we have created.It could take ages. A lot of our competitors threaten us with copyright infringement, but we are working on legalizing and advertising our work.

About your staff?

Am proud to declare that i have created employment for six young people. Two designers, two developers, two marketer.They are an amazing team.

What is the future of Mask Developers?

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We aim at being the best mobile app and game developers in East Africa.We have established our roots in Uganda and Nigeria, more is expected.

Advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs?

Focus on creating solutions to problems than complaining. It’s never too late.

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