No reason to stay is a good reason enough to leave

An elephant was once walking towards its herd after taking bath in a nearby river. On its way the elephant sees a pig walking towards it.

The pig as usual was coming after a relaxing dip in muddy waters. It was covered fully in mud.

Upon approaching closer, the pig sees the elephant moving out of its way allowing the pig to pass. While walking past, the pig makes fun of the elephant accusing the elephant of being afraid of it.

It also tells this to other pigs standing nearby and they all laugh at the elephant. Upon seeing this, some elephants from the herd ask their friend in amazement, “Were you really afraid of that pig?”

To which the elephant replies, “No. I could have crushed that pig under my leg if I wanted to, but the pig was muddy, and the mud would have splashed on me too. I wanted to avoid that, hence I stepped aside.”


Knowing when to walk away is wisdom, being able to do it is courage, walking away with your head held high is Dignity.

Haven’t we all run into personal or professional roadblocks one time or the other when neither going ahead seemed to be an option, nor did going back.

Stepping aside or walking away never seems to be an option because that is considered an option for the weak. And so, we struggle with that one decision that’s hard to make: to stay away or just walk away.

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“Maturity is to understand that walking away from situations that affect your individuality, self-respect or your confidence does not amount to failure; it just means you are patient enough to wait for the right opportunity and the right time.”

When to walk away

Learning to walk away is hard but staying to suffer is harder: Just because you can endure pain, does not mean you deserve it. Respect yourself, learn to walk away from people & situations when appropriate.

It’s better to walk away than to tolerate nonsense: Being strong does not mean you have to tolerate everything that comes your way. When things are not adding value to your life, it’s better to walk away.

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There’s a difference between giving up & knowing when you have had enough: Be mindful about yourself & your identity. Never lose yourself while trying to keep hold on things that you do not want to let go off.

If it’s worth it, don’t walk away from it: Never let go of your dreams, even if the pain of holding is greater than the fear of letting go.

Sometimes walking away means you love yourself: Love & respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

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