There is absolutely no doubt social media has totally revolutionized e-commerce and internet businesses in Kenya. S-commerce, as I like calling it, has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit among many young Kenyans, Facebook and Twitter being the preferred platforms.

So, have you joined the social media bandwagon? Are you profiting from your efforts so far?

Today, I would like to share with you some four simple, effective, and smart social media marketing tips that can help you maximize your presence and drive sales online. If you get the facts right the opportunities are endless!

Tip 1: Use Social Media Management Tools

Social media is all about posting regularly to your pages and constantly engaging with your audience. There are lots of great social media marketing tools available in the market BufferApp being one of my favorite.

These tools help you manage activity on your accounts across different platforms. They let you post, read messages, track mentions/comments and schedule your posts. You will find these tools extremely beneficial in helping you manage your social media presence.

Tip 2: Increase Social Sharing on Your Website

Adding social media buttons on your website will enable people who visit your website to share the content on your page with their friends/followers on social media. This increases visibility for your brand/ business increasing traffic to your website translating to increased sales.

You should have a floating bar of social media buttons on your website and on each every post that you publish on your blog. You can use also use services such as to track the number of click trends on the links you post on your social media pages.

Tip 3: Use the Famous 80/20 Rule

Having a visual identity is increasingly important especially on social media. Your brand/products should stand out from competition. 80/20 rule means committing 80% percent of posts on your social channels exclusively to non-promotional information and only 20% on definite promotion of your brand/business.

Content marketing falls into majority of shareable content on social media; however the content should reflect your thoughts and ideas. People are always looking for great content on the internet and if you are providing them with it chances they are not going to see your page as a torrent of advertisements.

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If you focus on only promoting your products your audience will respond for a brief period and after some time will begin to ignore your advertisements. It is human nature if you genuinely help people they will feel the need to return the favor, so next time you promote a product/service chances are they will reach for their wallets.

Tip 4: Creatively Engage your Audience

Find creative and innovative ways to engage your audience. You can start a contest, incorporate a giveaway, ask them questions or simply for their opinion. The minute you make people feel like their opinion matters they feel invested into your brand and will convert to a loyal customer.

Engagement can also be as simple as replying to comments this gives an impression that your business has excellent customer service and people always appreciate this.


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Originally posted 2015-08-03 10:05:54.

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