Moving away from the traditions, the power of the today’s woman -By @joym34 Muthoni Nyaga.

(Some of the top women under 40. 2014)

There was a time in some communities that a woman was expected to treat her husband like a king, like her lord. Maybe there are still some cultures that are still doing the same, however the today’s woman is one who opens her doors and kills the spiders in her house. Not that she doesn’t need a man; the thing is she just can do it on her own. She earns enough money to sustain herself so why unlike the traditional woman depend entirely on a man? No offence to the traditional woman, it’s just how it was back then Some men egos have been bruised because of this; well I guess change is really hard for some people.

A few thoughts from women’s International Centre. From long ago the woman was considered inferior to men, the early Romans in fact thought the woman to be the same as a child. The Greek myths and stories tell of how the woman opened the Pandora ’s Box and invited evil into the world. I guess what prevented women then from engaging in ‘high status professions’ was because of the expected role of taking care of their many children and her husband.

The today’s woman is ambitious, I’d even say aggressive and nothing stops her from getting what she wants. I guess you’ve already heard of the top women under forty in Kenya. What made me write this piece is that, the nominations of the top women under forty has been going on now for six years. This is usually done by the Business daily, where after nominations the entrepreneurs go through a panel. This panel then selects the most outstanding women with of course the most outstanding business ideas.

There must be hundreds and hundreds of entries; some may be good business ideas with no good plan to implement them. Some might just lack connections, there may be a vast untapped pool of clients out there who may be just be looking for that service that one offers. Let’s admit it, the way to go today is through social media. I mean it’s amazing that one doesn’t really have to have a physical space and pay rent monthly so as to sell his or her services. At the founder, we vocalize your business ideas. Tell us your story and let the world hear it. Follow us on twitter @thefounderkenya; we would love to hear from you. Visit, meet like minded entrepreneurs who dared fall from the highest skyscraper and landed safely.



Originally posted 2015-09-02 12:11:59.

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