Starting off with a budget of less than Ksh 20, 000 Stanley managed to build one of the best catering business around Daystar University. He says that he secured the premise where unifries is located at then had to turn to his mother who offered to help him establish it. Initially, he wasn’t interested in catering till one night when he didn’t feel like cooking for himself. He sought some fries at around 8 PM with other friends of his but no hotel around the place had fries. This is how the thought of unifries was born and decided to work on it.

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“Starting the business was hard and at the same time simple,” he says. It was hard because of the “fundi finding process” which was a headache he explains. The first two people which he put in charge fell out, and work only began after the third arrived. It was also simple because his loving and understanding mother agreed to sponsor every single coin needed after some convincing. Since starting, the expenses are still linger, but up to this point, its cost ksh 210, 000.

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While starting, his main challenge was finding a reliable employee to work at the place because being a student, he was unable to put in the desired amount of time at the shop. Finding one or two people to do so was crucial and very hard. Right now, due to the location of the premise, the main challenge is rain. The surrounding environment really struggles when it rains. In order to solve this problem, he together with the neighboring shops are working on an expansion project. This entails expanding the sitting area to take advantage of the space outside, along with shade and concrete ground.


He advises starters in businesses to look for what is missing. “Take time to study your environment very well then simply be the one provide it. Make sure you write down your why and note that every single step you intend to take comes a long way in visualizing your goals and plans. When you visualize your goals, your that much closer to realizing it.”

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