A pharmacist called Peter Mugendi owns a chemist in Runyenjes ,Embu county.The business name is Pemu Chemist.

He started the chemist in 2009 after working in a hospital that gave him a lot of experience and knowledge.He felt the urge to start his own business hoping that with time his business would grow successfully.His patient and hard work in his business has added him a great impact and a positive outcome. He hopes to Be a successful entrepreneur that everyone emulates.

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“Most encouraging thing is that drugs usually have a long shelf life,” he said. So he did not have much loss,the drugs still remained in the chemist.he really had good profit,he even employed three staffs to assist him in selling medicine He got involved in other businesses since he had staffs to help him run his chemist business. After a year he got fed up and had to unemployment the staffs due to the sudden loss he was undergoing through. There was theft from the staffs so he preferred to work alone in his business.

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Right now he works with one employee.The challenges he has faced are competition from other businesses and theft from staffs.His long term goal is to open other branches at different places and short-term goal is to increase his sales.He got his capital from loans and his personal savings.What he would advice young people willing to start a business is that they should get trained on how to run a successful business and to concentrate on one thing at a time.

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