An entrepreneur by the name Stephen Kariuki owns a stationary in Embu county, the business name is Real Stationers .He seems to be a focused  business man because his business has really improved to date.When I interviewed him he told me about his business history Not only does he has a stationery but also has another business that he runs.In the stationery he has employed two staffs who help him run his business thou he comes to check the progressions

He started the stationery in 2007 and he was the one running the business.He got capital to start his business from a loan and his savings.He bought all he needed e.g machines to print and photocopy,computers to type,writing materials,office materials,e.t.c.At first,there was no profit to add because he was not known.His patient,politeness and friendliness to customers improved his business.

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In 2010 he had completed paying his loan and had a good profit.He enlarged his business fast and employed two employees.The staffs have really helped kariuki in his business though at times there are ups and downs.In 2011,he involved him self in transportation of goods from one place to another which up to now as he says,things are working out as he had planned.

  • The challenges that his business is facing are;Competition from other stationary businesses since there are a number of them.
  • Lack of power at times which made them buy a generator to help them rum the business well.

The profit from the business is his capital which helps him run the other business.His goals are to expand the business, improve services offered to customers and create more branches.

What he advice’s people willing to start a business is that they should be the patient in starting a business,be polite to customers and have adequate skills/knowledge on the business.

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