Bryson Glen Gitonyi is a young man whose passion and drive for fashion.  As a personal stylist, fashion designer and blogger, he has managed to thrive in a world that is normally dominated by women.

He started his company Sir Bryson two years ago, a brand that focuses on the bespoke fashion wear for men. This is a collection of dapper wear. Dapper is a men’s dress style usually categorized by fitting suits and fancy ties but being dapper is not all about wearing oxford shoes and a waistcoat, being dapper is a style that not only shows well-matched clothes but also a refined taste and polished manners of a confident classic man.

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Bespoke fashion is mostly made on order. Once you pick out a suit design, it is custom made to your own preferences and this is a trend that is still relatively new to the Kenyan market. Most men usually buy ready-made suits and find it very difficult to get accessories like scarves and lapel pins. This is what Glen and his brand seek to change in the men’s wear fashion industry.

Some of the challenges he has had to face in his business are getting viable clientele since his line of work includes custom-making suits for men and some of them are also not as welcoming to new trends of fashion and also sourcing for fabric locally which has proven to be very expensive in the local market.

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“As much as the bespoke fashion has seen great strides in countries like Italy, it is yet to set its foundation in Kenya but that is a trend that shall soon change in the coming years.” says Glen.

Written by Susan Mukami



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