21-year old Francis “Dilna”  Njuguna’s love for art and everything creative is the force behind Dilray Inc which he co-founded. Dilray is one of the leading Kenyan clothing lines that produces sweatpants ,college jackets ,dresses ,t-shirts just to name a few. Dilray shop is a one stop shop and they hope to start manufacturing shoes soon .His products are popular among the youth and university students since they relate quite well to his fashion line.

His name ‘Dilna’ {not real}  is from his slogan “Do it like never again” .He is also a student at JKUAT pursuing Business Information Technology and also a recording artiste .If He’s not in studio creating music he is drawing or painting .He is always bursting with fresh ideas owing to his creative nature which has earned him the title “the creative guy” .This seems to be the reason why he continues to remain relevant in the market.

He co-founded Dilray in November 2013 with his friend Dennis Wyre. He says  “ It came about after I was performing at an event and Wyre was Emceeing at the same event and we had designed matching t-shirts for our crew. Friends and the public liked the t-shirts and even asked where they could get them. It is when we realised this could be an income generating activity. We decided to kick it off starting with a new design in the market and it is when we came up with leather armed sweatshirts which were out of stock in a few weeks. All this orders were carried online (Facebook) and deliveries were made. I’m thankful to the almighty that we now have a shop (Along Biashara Street, Yala Towers, First Floor, Shop No. 105) The Company grew to a point where we decided that Wyre and I should both have our own companies that one is fully responsible for in order to even make it easier when it came to decision-making. I bought full equity of the company in October, 2015”

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His products are all manufactured locally .He designs the products and works alongside his tailors to achieve the desired end product because he Is a perfectionist .Dilray has dressed a number of local celebrities including Elani ,Khaligraph Jones ,Kwame Bonsu and Fred Omondi  .He also works with corporate companies to design their uniforms and attires using the Dilray quality materials .Due to the growth of their fan base both in the country and outside they have a major challenge of running out of stock early .This is also due to having a small production unit which makes it hard to restock .He therefore has to work round the clock to beat deadlines .Another challenge he faces is that there still are some people who do not know about Dilray and he is working harder on making his brand known due to that .So It helps that he has a huge following on social media . He says Consistency is key to maintaining his brand on the market since many have failed before.


When asked what he thinks of employment vis-a’-vis running one’s own business ,he says “We always have to start from somewhere so I think Employment is good as it gives you experience on how to handle matters. It also gives you that boost-start-up capital for your business. So if one is to be employed they should have the two benefits in mind with and end goal of starting a business. Many may not know that immediately after clearing high school I was working at a shop in TRM as a sales person in a clothing shop, although I still got some more capital from performing at events and loans from my folks.”

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He is an encouragement to many who are hesitant to start their own businesses and a proof that it can be a success .His day ends in a meditation of his achieved goals and how to achieve those he hasn’t  .Truly an inspiration from a young person.

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