Meet 25-year-old Mombasa youth pocketing 150k a month from property business

The young entrepreneur is always busy. He sits on his chair at his office thinking of how to make profit in the highly competitive property management business in Mombasa County.

The venture, well known to many as one which only incorporates the rich investors and powerful politicians, did not detour Mohammed Hussein Mohammed, popularly know by youth in Mombasa as ‘Ahmado’ from venturing into the highly competitive field.

At the age of 25, Mohammed with a background in Business Information Technology (BIT), decided to give the boutique and clothing business a shot in 2013, but things did not turn out as he had hoped.

“I decided to quit the business and go back to the drawing board, and now my property management business is doing quite well,” said Mohammed with a smile.

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Managing over 100 houses in Mombasa including residential and business premises within the island and other areas like Changamwe, Likoni and most parts of Bamburi, Mohammed has vowed to pursue the business and become one of the most renowned property managers within Mombasa.

“As youths, we should not confine ourselves to being employed or push the county and national governments to provide us with employment. Let us use the available resources and various funds including the Uwezo Fund to enable us initiate business projects,” said Mohammed.

Though challenges may diminish one’s dream, the young man has termed them as important bridges that help one grow mentally and search for fresh investments, as well as think dipper on how to encounter such challenges.

“We cannot be all absorbed in the public service, not even the private sector, but the government should assist the youth in accessing various funds intended for them, as well as provide continuous training on how youth can start and manage business,” he said.

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“I make around 150 thousands shillings a month by working hard every day. This is very promising in my Ahmo Property Management Business, and hopefully the amount will increase since I have great plans for 2017,” he added.

Mohammed, who also works for Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir intends to join the political arena in future.

“I will in the future venture into politics, but at the moment. Let me work on my investments and build proper focus in life, since I want to be different,” said Mohammed.

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Before I left his office located in the Mombasa Central Business District, where our interview was interrupted by the many calls he has been receiving in the past hour, Mohammed made an appeal to youth at the Coast.

“Challenges in life are only meant to strengthen your thinking capacity, you should value personal investment by being self employed and not always aiming at being employed,” he said.

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