Meet 24-year old designer and CEO of Shaba.

Vaider Amondi is a jeweller and founder of Shaba Rings .She started her  company in January 2015 .Making Jewellery has always been her passion which she eventually turned into a source of income .she started the business because of her son whom she needs to take  care of .Here is her view on the business and how she went about it .

”Starting the business wasn’t much of a challenge as I had the tools I needed hence I had no financial challenge.

Since I was new in the industry and having no background in design, creating high quality pieces that could compete with other brands in the market.  I have continued to learn about the industry through the many fashion events I have attended.
I learnt the jewellery making methods through YouTube and visiting other artisans workshops.
When I started out, I used to make the pieces in my bedroom at night as I would spend my day making delivery and finding market as well as attending to my school work.
Most of my marketing has been online on Facebook as well as Instagram where I sell my pieces.
My business has continued to grow and I opened my workshop on 15th October. I have employed 2 people who now make the pieces and this has made things easier for me.
I have showcased at several events like at the Nairobi elegance affair. I have also exhibited my products at several fashion events like the FAFA Neighbourhood markets and the Swahili Fashion week in Dar Es Salam which ended on 6th December.
I am looking towards venturing into other types of accessories for my brand in the future.
My advice to young people is that nothing comes easy, Rome was not built in a day.”
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