Meet 20 year old Ann Wambui who is working towards being an independent miss. She holds a stand that development is radical and we youths should be part of the story. For those with a keen eye, a walk along the streets reveals how the number of youths driving their own cars has grown rampantly. I am a professional actress so when am not in the house or in school you will most likely find me at Kenya theater.

Ann picks up the narration. I ventured into the business of designing car trash bins just recently in the money making hustle. As a lady you need to think broad and make money in the most defiable ways. Our needs are vast and it doesn’t feel good having to ask for money even to buy yourself a bowling bag for instance. I sell the bags at Kshs 1000 negotiable to any interested clients. Why I thought of doing this is because it is not crowded and it is also unique. Most people are used to dustbins but you won’t carry that to a car, so I thought, why not make “dustbins” for cars.  What I love most about my business is that in the midst of all uncertainties, I don’t suffer losses because the product has no expiry date and has no season. I can sell it at whichever time of the year. For some people it may look like it’s not necessary especially for men who don’t have a liking for fancy things. Actually most of my clients so far have turned out to be ladies. Ladies want something unique, something stylish regardless of whether they will use it or not. Visit a girls room and you will be surprised at how many unnecessary stuff they hold. The trash bags can be modified to serve another purpose especially for ladies who like floral bags. I love what I do and want to serve my clients by embracing a culture of integrity. I get to save the little I get and re invest back my savings in the business. When my mum passed on after my completion of high school, it hit me so hard but I knew I had to be strong for my future.  Overtime I have learnt to rebound quickly from setbacks which want to pull me down. Shape your future; let not your past hinder your progress.

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