20-year old Dennis Wairey is the founder and CEO of Good Vibes Kenya .Good vibes is a clothing line which makes hoodies that are quite common among the youths in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya .He has also just completed his undergraduate studies at JKUAT where he was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology .He likes challenges, business, technology (with emphasis on social media) and fashion .During his free time he loves travelling ,networking and attending events .Here’s more about Dennis and Good vibes.

Tell us about your business in summary.

Good Vibes Ke. Is a Clothing Label in simple terms, but I refer to it as a fast rising Lifestyle Brand primarily dealing with clothes at the moment. All our products are branded with our signature “Good Vibes Only” logo. The designs promote productivity among the youth with the logo itself being all about positive energy.

We have anything from hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants to what we call ‘Snoodies’ – which you should actually snoop around our profiles and see how they look like. Plans are underway to venture into other areas in the entertainment industry.

Other than the retail business which most people know, we are also involved with apparel branding – where we target mostly corporates, startups, events, campaigns and organisations. Here, we provide any of our products branded with any company’s logo or trademark instead of ‘Good Vibes Only’.

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How and when did you start your business?

Good Vibes Ke. Officially started its operations on 1st October 2015, about 6 months from today. [April 2016]. HOW? From earnings and savings from my previous ventures, I did formal registration of the business and produced the initial stock which was followed by a photo shoot to help with the Brand Awareness campaign. From there I set up social media accounts got a store in town and I was already in business.

What did you use to do before then?

I was part of another Clothing Label I had co-founded with my close friend Dilna Ayce, while in campus in 2013, which really opened my eyes and gave me first-hand experience in business. Before that I was in high school.

How do you get the products that you sell?

Our products are locally made from scratch, through locally available materials.

Which age group makes the bulk of your clients?

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Due to the location of our primary outlet at Menlow Fashion, Nakumatt Lifestyle, our clients cut across all ages. But from our social media profiles it is the youth aged between 16-30 who make up the majority of our clients.

What are the highlights of your business since you founded it?

It would be definitely a while back when we got a huge deal to make branded products for Carlsberg for ‘The Koroga Festival’ which was one of the biggest deals Good Vibes has done to date. Another notable mention is branding we did for Mavuno Church for Fearless Teens Awards 2015. We’ve also dressed a few celebrities like East Africa’s Number One Hype man DNG and just recently I spotted one of our products on an Advert on buses in town.

What has been your greatest challenge and fear in your business?

My greatest challenge has being trying to juggle to between my school life, social life and business. They are all equally important and demanding as well, which calls for impeccable time management and still a take a toll on you. The other challenge is the production, which is sometimes complicated and full of delays which may cause you to miss client deadlines. You just have to be ready to tackle challenges without ever giving up.


What is the biggest lesson you learnt in the course of your business?

My biggest lesson from doing business would be the value of Persistence, Patience and Perseverance. Most people expect things to happen overnight which is rarely the case, all good things take time. Resilience also goes a long way in business even as Steve Jobs once said Perseverance is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones.

How do you juggle school and business?

That’s one of the hardest things to do, but luckily being in fourth year, I had a few classes which gave more free time to do business. Other times I just had to create time at night to do all the extra work that couldn’t get done in the day

How do you unwind?

As I mentioned earlier I like attending social events like ‘The Koroga Festival’ which is how I like to spend my ideal weekends, if not I enjoy travelling, watching documentaries and doing research online.

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