Marketing Tips For Tech SMEs As Explained By Washington Mageto, FOYA Awards 2016 Winner

Every business must have an effective marketing strategy for it to be successful. With increase in the number of tech companies daily, both locally and globally, it’s not always easy to get word out about a particular tech company.

Newspaper and radio Ads

Identifying and using low cost Newspaper advertisements is a good way to get word out about your business. Ensure you identify a newspaper with highest number of daily readers and use it to advertise your products.

Offering free services

This is another way to make the public aware of your business. Offer free services to customers, this will help you build a client base and have loyal customers. Customers will prefer trying out new products and services first before deciding to buy from your company.

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Attend and join business forums and events which usually bring together entrepreneurs from Kenya and all over the world. This will enable you meet new people in the business world that might be your potential business partners, clients or even mentors in your entrepreneurial journey.


You can as well give some of your products or services to prominent or famous people who can endorse you and your company.

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Friends and family

Friends and family are a great way to pass word out about your company and services you offer. Give some of the goods sold at your business to your friends and family to show t to their friends, and if many people are able to be impressed by your company’s output then you will automatically gain more clients. They can as well refer clients to your business making you gain more customers.

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Social media

Social media handles e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. are a great means to market your company. With the number of smart phone users increasing each day world word, the number of people accessing social media increases exponentially as well. Advertising your business on social media will make many people be aware of your company’s existence hence you will gain more clients.


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