Many investors are in town and most SMEs are excited about the innovation that is about to happen in Kenya as a result of Obama’s visit. BY EILEEN

Many investors are in town and most SMEs are excited about the innovation that is about to happen in Kenya as a result of Obama’s visit. Are you part of the innovation or are you just gazing form the sidelines?

Billions are about to stream in to Kenya from the USA but who will they go to? Will they go to the ‘Mama Mboga’ in Muthurwa or to the great businessmen with million-dollar franchises? This is the question that may be running in any business oriented mind in Kenya. It is true to say that not all young entrepreneurs had the chance to pitch their business ideas in the 6th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit. So one may say it was a raw deal but wait this article is here to highlight just how you, the young business mind that did not get the ultimate chance to showcase that great idea, may have a second chance at going at the billions.

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The world-renown Shark Tank investors were here and the enthusiasm that they had was evident that Kenya is full of potential great ideas. They gave out their website and were very encouraging to young business minds to share their work there so if you are determined enough you will look for that link and get your second chance. I know you were waiting to see the link here but let me let you in on a secret. The Founder is the magazine that strives to spark that fire in you just for you to make that extra step forward. We gave you the heads up that there is a way you can turn that idea into a reality, so now the ball is on your court.


Undoubtedly, any young entrepreneur is out to get a piece of that pie and according to my analysis there is enough to go around and maybe even more so the misconception that there will be a sort of scramble and partition of the billions, should be shunned away. The only problem we might face is the common African problem, mismanagement of funds. This has always been the plight on our arena but let us be real, that change should start right about now. President Obama started his campaign based on the change we believe in if you remember correctly and now that he is even closer home, it should hit us. All this ‘mambo jambo’ of corruption needs to fade away and this is the ultimate test of the Jubilee Government. The funds have been promised to boost all those SMEs but will these funds disappear in thin air? I truly hope not because this website already acts as a platform of rising young entrepreneurs so why should a government-based program fail to do so and even more?


Based on one of the investor’s review, “Kenya is deemed to move forward and develop very rapidly with the assistance of foreign investors in the US.” So do you believe that this merger between Kenya and the United States is a step forward or are we just living in a world of wishful thinking?

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