Making a living, from accidentally stumbling on canola seeds

Well, what could have been an incident just like any other, turned out to be a turning point for one farmer in Nyeri.

For the past seven years, he has been drawing from a rich well few are aware of. He processes healthy cooking liquid— canola oil — from canola seeds that he buys from farmers in various parts of the county.

David Kimondo does this magic at his Canola Oil Industries in Mweiga town, Kieni constituency. Canola oil is touted as one of the world’s healthiest cooking oils because of its rich and healthy components.

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Kimondo established the oil-processing factory in 2006 after accidentally stumbling on canola seeds at a private ranch in Nanyuki.

“Back then, I was a farm hand at a private ranch owned by a Canadian who used to process the seeds to make oil which he would package and sell in local stores. I got curious and asked him to explain to me what he was doing, but he dismissed my inquiries,” Kimondo says.

Not being one to give up easily, Kimondo began to research on canola seeds and its oil. After several unsuccessfully attempts of trying to extract oil from the seeds, he finally figured out how to cold press the seeds and produce oil.

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“I watched closely what he was doing till I got it right. It was a discovery that changed my life,” he recalls.

He used his savings and started on the journey of making canola oil. That is how Canola Oil Industries came to be.

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