Well when it comes to deciding on whether to partner with family in a certain business, the choices usually vary from person to person. Each and every one has their own preference although in most cases there is one thing that is usually agreed upon by most in the end.

In as much as some family businesses thrive well it is not easy to draw the line between family and business. I believe that in order for the business to succeed there should be so much assertiveness, the employer should be able to say no when he means a no and stick to his answer and a yes when he means a yes.

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This is very important because most people tend to relax and slack at their job when they know that the boss is a relative. They believe that they should be favored compared to the rest of the employees. In such instances even when they are wrong seldom do they apologize, it starts off as once in a while then grows into a habit that becomes really hard to get rid of.

At this point the employer becomes powerless before them because in as much as they would want the people to change and respect their job at this point it is too late; the damage was done the moment the offense was blown out to the wind just because it was done by a family member.

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From my observation this is one of the major risks of doing business with family members. Fortunately it could be avoided only if before employment the ground rules are set and standardized for every single employer regardless of the relationship with the boss. Before the person seeking employment accepts the job they have to agree to the terms and conditions put on the table then things will run smoothly.

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