“To me, being a radio presenter is more than what puts food on my table.It is sort of self-satisfaction intertwined with real passion,” narrates Kelvin Ogome, a third year student at Kenyatta University, who is currently pursuing a degree in Theatre Arts and Film Technology, instead of Economics which he was to pursue.

You must have seen young individuals turn down opportunities that could pay them handsomely, not because they have enough cash in their pockets, but because it is just not that activity that gives them joy and self-gratification. That is the so called passion; that one value that overlooks the money factor and brings the best of someone.


Currently, Kelvin hosts  Rhumba Bukulutu, a show on KU FM every Sunday from 7-10pm. He reports for KU TV in Kiswahili and English and is a writer.  Such a milestone.

What is the tale of his journey into the media house?

After joining campus, Kelvin auditioned for KU FM but failed terribly.He rewrote his proposals which were ignored, walked into some big offices in KU to talk to coordinators about his dreams but no one cared nor listened to him. He tried deeper waters by visiting Royal Media Services offices in search for any radio position. Unfortunately, the raucous guard chased him away.

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He later presented his proposal to Dr.Amateshe, director KU radio who referred him to Labaan Shaaban whom to date is his mentor. Laaban would give him the chance to host his Damka Mtaani show for five minutes. After sometime, Kelvin became conversant with the media jargon.He was assigned the Rhumba show which he hosts every Sunday.

“My best moment on air with Radio Citizen’s Fred Obachi Machoka as my co-host, i loved it…I hate it when there are interruptions due to network failure and when i lack an audience during my show.It kills the moral,” he confessed.

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“This work calls for dedication and commitment. You’ve got to do your best and God will do the rest “he advised.

Kelvin hopes to open a production house and studio to train youths on production and religion and to host the biggest Rhumba station in Kenya.

Nothing is impossible.

By Inzillia Sasi

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