I don’t know about your primary and secondary schools but mine did not have a social media page now and then. As a social media enthusiast I was all smiles when I visited the Light House Academy site and found a well designed page.  I won’t mention where I went to high school back in the day, but come to think of it today the reason why most schools don’t perform well is because of only focusing on the learning part of life. I mean a child is not a cake to be left in the oven to cook. Some of us would have enjoyed something more than just books in school, maybe that’s why most of the people do not know what they want in life because in school the teachers and parents pressurized them into getting that A grade so as to attain a “prestigious quo status.” The good news is, it’s never too late to hit the refresh button. No matter where you are  in life, you only need a smart idea and a smart plan to make it in life.


Someone got the opportunity to go to visit the coveted USA and got stuck there, never wanting to come back to the land of “no opportunities,” give Kenya and the rest of African countries a break. We are relatively young since our days of independence. A business idea takes time to grow, it just never happens overnight. Africa is a gem, a gem with so much promise than the ethnic violence, drought and famine aired time and time again by foreign and local media. We may have our own problems, that set aside I believe we are set to be a super power. If well implemented, I believe we don’t need foreign aid that with it comes with absurd don’ts and dos. It’s just such a bitter story that people don’t see the worth of Africa and those who see it want to manipulate it and keep the profits and enrich themselves.

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I still don’t understand why people leave untapped gold and run for gold that is almost if not already exhausted. Vision 2030, I hope and pray to see the full implementation of this vision. Light Academy group of schools has set itself in aiding in the implementation of this vision. It was in 2007 ranked as the second best private school and the ninth in general in KCSE. In 2009, Tonny Okedi one of its students was ranked as the best student in Kenya. What caught my eye is that the group of schools does really focus on talent, which is mostly shunned as a time waster in a majority of schools. It holds its own Olympiad and since 2000 has won 13 gold medals, 23 silver medals and 22 bronze medals. It really is a well rounded school that cultivates its students in the culture of taking care of their environment.


The only way we will fully achieve vision 2030, is if we change the education system. It is the minds of the current generation that will aid in fully implementing this vision. I believe if we continue with the fallacy of getting done with school so as to get a good job then we would only be moving backwards. Thanks to schools like Light House Academy, the vision 2030 is somehow becoming a reality. I would urge local investors to invest in such schools so as  to push this country forward. How I long for a fully liberated Kenya free of foreign dependency and debts. How I long for Kenyans to invest in their own country instead of running for the exhausted gold. Fold your sleeves and lets dig deeper for the untapped gold.

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