Do you often find yourself asking why “so and so” is able to amass so much wealth, when at one point you were in the same situation with them?

Maybe you got your first job at the same time, or maybe even you attended the same lecture sessions in college. But only a few years down the line and the gap between you and them is starting to widen.

You’re busy struggling to survive on salary (or small business returns), yet “so and so” is living at the top of the world; excelling in almost everything they do.

Well, don’t feel lonely, we all go through such moments in our lives. The secret to catching up however does not lie in lamenting and whining, it rather lies on taking a practical approach in everything you do to ensure maximum productivity.

Let us look at 6 things that successful people do quite differently from the rest of us.

1. Exercise daily

A famous Latin saying “Menssana in corporesano” – A sound mind in a healthy body rings true. Successful people know that good mind-body connection plays a major role in what they can accomplish in the daily lives and businesses.

For this course, they spend valuable time in the gym to keep fit all the time. Others do yoga and so forth.

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People who are fit and healthy get sick less and they can work longer hours with better concentration. This is the reason why the elite find it important to make time for exercise always.

2. Plan your day well

Your day is usually going to be the same as you planned it out. If you planned it well you will achieve good results, but if it is poorly planned, you will get less than satisfactory results.

It is like “garbage in garbage out”- the language that computers understand the most. Whatever data you input, you will definitely get its result. If you sow a weed don’t expect to pluck a rose.

Successful people gain their inspiration from being good day planners. They don’t compromise on this, unless an emergency comes up.

3. Learn to Prioritize

You may have a list of to-do tasks but the order and manner in which you execute them is very crucial.

Think about the most optimal order in which you can accomplish your daily tasks.

Don’t try to do several tasks at the same time. Remember it is not how fast you did it but how well it is done.

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Be efficient with time! Prioritizing your daily tasks is what the elites in the society do.

4. Delegate

In order to be successful you need good leadership skills. A good leader is one who can mobilize forces (people) to do what he wants to be done without wasting time or under-performing.

To work smart he delegates responsibilities that are not beyond the scope of his employees while he focuses on the important tasks himself.

This division of tasks makes work fun and efficient. If you want to work smart learn the millionaire’s way of working.

“Don’t be a Jack of all trades”

5. A chunk of time to reflect

To work smart you need to set aside some chunks of time to reflect on your achievements and reward yourself for that. Be rich in personal motivation. No one can motivate you better than yourself.

During your daily activities take a few minutes after each activity to determine, think through whether your desired result was achieved.

If not, what was missing? How do you put what’s missing in your next call or activity? I advise you to find a quiet place where there are no outside distractions like emails or phone calls.

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Meditate on your goals, achievements and failures – just for a few quality minutes.

Write down what should follow. At the end of the day sit down and write down your progress for the day.

6. Be curious

They say curiosity kills the cat, but it is the key to business success. Go to the NO GO zone. Millionaires are curious to know why this is SO and the other is NOT SO.

In finding answers to personal and society problems, they find opportunities. Just like any other thing in life, it can lead to trouble, but more often it can lead to new ideas and new adventures.

To be smart in thinking and acting like a person destined for success, you need to be curious all the time. Don’t ever stop learning, be that curious person who is constantly leap frogging ahead of the rest.

Being successful is not all about having a lot of money in the bank. Neither is it equivalent to wielding immense political power to control the society.

It is all about being the best you can be in everything you do – and changing your attitude towards life.


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