Ideal ICT Solutions in Kenya that Businesses should Invest in

Do you own a business? Is your business online? You could miss out on a huge chunk of business simply because your business has no online presence. Many business owners usually think that it is a very complicated process to take their businesses online and others are blind to the value they get by simply being online.

Rose Maghas, MD GreenBell Communications, discusses the various ICT solutions in Kenya that a business can invest in and how easy it is for business to go online.

My name is Rose Maghas, I am the Managing director at GreenBell Communications  Ltd having been with the company now 8 years and I will just briefly talk about the services that we offer and why we believe that digital is the way to go.

For the last 8 years our emphasis has been providing services for our clients in the online space basically the internet being our platform of operation and for a business your domain name, your social media accounts, the profiles that you create online, the channels that you create on YouTube your ID on Google and any other of those platforms. So we start from your ID, your identification online. And then beyond the identification we go in and profile you online.

Basically be it your website, ensuring we provide that content that is rich for people to be able to engage with the business. Be it your social media profile just creating that account, populating the content in those particular profiles.

After we have profiled you, provided your info online that is through our social media account creation, profiling and developing your website, we go further and manage those because we believe that just like any other channel of communication it is not a one way communication channel where you basically give info and then that’s it.

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We go further and engage maintaining that particular profile that we have online be it your website, social media, YouTube channel, even as far as personal profile for example if your MD has a personal profile we would like to go further and see how that personal profile engaging in the business and ensuring the business benefits from that, always reaping enough from that.

And then we go further and look at the security of these particular digital assets we have online. Your website of course needs to be secured; it first of all needs to be hosted so we did provide the hosting services noting that a number of businesses have gone to the cloud so we ensure that we provide cloud services that can be accessible from anywhere and are secured.

Beyond that particular level we go and ensure now the security of the same who is accessing those particular assets online be it your domain name, is it clear. Does senior management understand what the implications of your domain name are to the business, if you didn’t have it the next day, if somebody didn’t take charge of that domain name what does it mean for your business, for your website if people provided you with info through the website and somebody accessed that info what then happens to the business are you going to be sued as a business and that.

So we ensure that from that particular point we are able to manage that because we understand it is an asset to a business but again can be a liability to the business especially if the wrong information is used where if you posted wrong information and somebody then uses that to procure your services then again you have liabilities in that relation.


Then we go further and work with our clients noting that just having the digital assets online is not enough because everyone is competing in the same space. So we go further and then manage your presence, your visibility online through advertising, Google Ads, social media using the AdWords, be it on YouTube using videos for advertising that, because at the end of the day people are online looking for info and it’s who is telling them more about it and that’s why we do the digital ad with an understanding that  businesses are still investing in other forms of advertising and we are saying yes,  we have an audience online, we have statistics that we follow through from the internet world statistics, locally here from the communications authority which gives statistics every quarter and we can see that the numbers are growing and therefore there is need for any business to be online.

Over and above that why should the business use digital services? I believe just the same way you started as a business, to establish a business, have staff working for the business, employees and structures, digital assets do play a key role because today we are in what we call the internet of things and the world has become an internet of things and if we are not finding you on the internet then you don’t exist and therefore there is  for survival, for strategic leadership and for efficiency for any business the internet is.

I believe one key aspect that you cannot ignore. And therefore to use digital services ensures that you are moving with time and you get the most out of your biz today, you reap the maximum benefits through ensuring that you reach more people because the internet has no boundaries in terms of time and geographical location so I believe at the end of the day that any business requires to use digital services and more so ensure that they are using them efficiently coz we have cases where yes you do have the digital assets  but you are not using them correctly case in example somebody comes in makes an enquiry and that process just hangs because no one responds back because the business is not receiving that enquiry or today I come to your site and its working and I start using it and tomorrow I come I find that it’s been hacked or its down and no one is doing anything about that which then again goes a big way in affecting the reputation of the biz so one of the key things that any business requires is to ensure is that they use digital services and use them well is that it affects the reputation of the business.

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In parting, I believe that a clear understanding for anyone any business in regards to digital is really key and whenever we have engaged with any business out there we always say we’d require the senior management understands the aspects of digital services because at the end of the day it is really a strategic decision the biz has to make and once you go that direction there is no turning back so it has to be done right from the start.


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