I Started (Another) Business. Here's Why-Carlyn Reeves

First, A Little About My First Business

In 2012 I started 2930 Creative out of our basement apartment in the Victory Park area of Dallas. Chris sold the Facebook stock he had just purchased the month before to fund the project. I quit my job at a tech startup that I had only had for 5 weeks (and hated beyond belief). It was quite a leap to take with someone I had only started dating 6 months before. The idea for 2930 Creative was hatched in a little 2005 Scion XB, on the way home from work one night. We both knew that we could do better than many agencies in our industry. The first three years were really difficult, and we often doubted if we should keep going. In April of this year, we hit our 3rd year anniversary.

What started as an experiment with just me has now grown into a team of 7 people. We have won several awards in our industry. We work with clients that I would have never even imagined that we could have met in those first months. It’s been, and will continue to be, a great ride. But it’s time to start again.
Now, A Little About My Second One

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This month I decided to start a new business based on something that I love doing: gift giving. I love subscription boxes, and they are usually my go-to last minute gift for friends and family. My idea is centered around the idea of long term gift giving, and it’s inspired by some of the best and worst times in my life.

Before moving to Dallas, I was barely making ends meet in Cleveland. I had been laid off in 2009 and struggled to find a regular job. During that time I felt the most disconnected from my friends and family then I had ever felt before. It was lonely. I know that there are other people who feel this way, too. Wouldn’t it be nice to send them something each month to let them know that someone out there cares? I knew that my experience when I was laid off would always be something that I would return to, and use to make something better. I believe that this is the idea that will work.

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I am calling it Hattie’s Room based on a tradition in my husband’s family. In Hattie’s Room, anything is possible. That’s where the gifts are stored, and the family memories are kept. You never know what you will find in Hattie’s Room. That’s the spirit that I want to keep when creating this brand; one full of excitement, mystery, wonder, and fun.
What’s Next

I am going to try to update with my progress as much as I can. Obviously, running one business while starting another takes up a lot of time. I hope to carve out some time each week to reflect on my progress as I move into this uncharted territory. Follow along here and don’t forget to sign up for updates from Hattie’s Room to know when we officially launch.

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Over the next month, I will need to create a plan for our soft launch, build out our e-commerce subscription site, design a gift box, a social media strategy and content calendar, reach out to vendors to create wholesale accounts, and write a business plan. Oh yeah, I’m starting with 0 dollars.

Here we go!

Who am I? I’m an entrepreneur with a successful business already under my belt. I’m about to start another. I also enjoy photography, giving presents, and traveling. I have three dogs and a cat (who thinks he’s a dog). I live with my husband and business partner in Dallas, Texas. Follow me here or on Twitter.

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