Here is Why Anytime is a good time to start a business. Meet Mr. Heril Bangera, Founder and group CEO of Flame Tree Group.

Flame Tree Group is a company that operates in the fields of Plastics, cosmetics, Energy, and food snacks. It started as a manufacturer of polyethylene products under ROTO Tanks brand.

Mr. Heril Bangera started his business at the age of 18 years, in 1989. He says that, the younger you are the more optimistic you are, the less you know about business and the more you are willing to take risk. He had an idea and talked with his father who supported him since he did not have capital for he was still a student. He considered this as a hobby and not as a serious business. They put in just a little money to start the business. At that time there were only steel tanks in the market and there were one of the initial people to start manufacturing plastic tanks. Mr. Heril thought that if they could sell four tanks a month, then what they had could be a business. Today, they sell hundreds of tanks a day. They have expanded their business to other places because they saw opportunities in those areas.

The company`s dream is to develop an African multinational company that manufactures in Africa for Africa. Many business men fear listing their companies at Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Flame Tree Group is listed. Mr. Heril encourages other business men not to fear listing their companies for it comes with other advantages.

Mr. Heril has had the challenge of raising capital. He claims that as the company grows, the banks are very reluctant in lending money. Getting money has been their biggest challenge. They have grown the business through internal funding of the business, which is a very slow and difficult way. Mr. Heril words of wisdom are that if you feel you want to start a business or you are entrepreneur enough, the first thing is just to start.


Interview by Charles Gitonga for the adventurer, KTN

Originally posted 2015-09-14 12:14:24.

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