The stronghold of the Kenya’s economy is the agricultural sector.A poignant look in the lifestyle of it’s citizen reveals that a glass of fresh juice, is much preferred than a well paying job that is secure.Reasons being:

Promotes healthy living in the society.

Fresh juice is extracted from fresh fruits, fresh vegetables or both fresh fruits and vegetables.While juicing, the liquids are separated from the fibers resulting to a concentrated blend of color and flavor.This liquid has protective compounds, vitamins   and minerals such as calcium for strong bones and teeth, potassium for healthy blood pressure, among others, which  boost the body immunity.

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Improved living standards.

Millions of Kenyans are making money out of fresh juice. The chain of supply is well defined.From the farmers,  up to the consumers. As money exchanges hands, other related services  like the transport systems are dragged into the chain. Fresh juice creates employment for the individuals in this business sector. As a result, the living standard of the citizens improve, thus eradicating social crimes and poverty levels.

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Economic development.

As more Kenyans  get involved in production of fruit juice, they pay taxes to the government. the government uses this money to  improve infrastructure  and enhances some of the government facilities that serve its citizens.This promotes  economic growth and development in the country.


The horticultural field is  very wide. The final product which is the fresh juice, undergoes several processes in the hands of different individuals. Creativity and innovative ideas  have resulted into subsidiary industries that aggregate to production of fresh juice. They include packaging, manufacturing, transport industries.

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The output of fresh juice is indeed of great impact to the Kenyan society.

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