Here is how Veronica Munee Mutua, 31 years of age runs a well-stocked retail shop in Kibra, Makina area.

Veronica Munee Mutua, 31 years of age runs a well-stocked retail shop in Kibra, Makina area. She lives with her husband and their two children; a boy who is 8 years old and a girl who is four years old.

Veronica decided to save money to start her own shop after she tried to look for a job but could not find one. She saved up to Ksh 40,000 but needed a top up to start the shop.

“In the course of searching for support, I even met a better deal in KYBT through the chief’s office. At KYBT I was to undergo a much needed training before I got a loan to start the shop”, said Veronica.

Veronica was trained by KYBT for 4 days on “Start Your Business” in October 2013. After the training veronica did a business plan and was issued with a Ksh 90,000 loan to start her business called “Vyombo Center”; Vyombo is a Swahili word for utensils. Her business stocks an assortment of utensils ranging from bowls and sufurias (cooking pans), to spoons, cups and dishes.

Now with a business that is doing well, Veronica shares a comparison between her life now and what it was back when she was looking for a job. She had no income back then and depended fully on her husband on everything. She felt generally low in confidence because she could not buy her own cloths or contribute financially to her household. Today, her business earns her an income of Ksh 15,000 every month, a change that makes her confident as she does not have to wait for her husband to buy food or cloths for her and their children.

Though Veronica’s husband ensured that they had every meal in a day, the choice of the meals depended on the availability of money. Eating beef was mostly at the end of the month as that was the time her husband got paid. However, with Veronica earning as well, her family now enjoys improved and balanced meals.

Vyombo Center has all utensils centrally available, making Veronica’s shop an ideal place to buy kitchenware. The people living in Makina area recognize that her shop has got almost everything they need for cooking.

This story originated from KYBT. Read more here

Originally posted 2015-07-12 09:00:00.

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