Here is how Eneza Education is Spreading Education Throughout Africa

Eneza is a virtual tutor and teacher’s assistant on a low-cost mobile phone in Kenya. A user can Dial *291# from a Safaricom line or register on their website here.

Eneza’s mission is to make 50 million kids across rural Africa smarter.

In Kiswahili, “eneza” means “to reach” or “to spread.” “We’re a team of dedicated individuals who share the goal of giving students access to the information that will improve their intelligence, their general knowledge, and their lives. Our content is aligned to the local context, and we use the most common form of technology in Kenya, the mobile device.” team eneza explains.

Eneza also gives schools and parents access to meaningful data and tips for helping their students. “We believe that even schools that don’t have access to the internet or latest technological gadgets deserve quality educational materials too” says Eneza.

How It Works

To Register:

From any Safaricom line, dial *291# and press SEND

(You can also send the word START to the number 20851)

Type in your Names, Gender, Region, and School. Make sure that you do not have numerics on. (Press the hash # on a GSM phone to get to the alphabet)
Watch the fun-filled registration video!

To Study a Topic:

Search for topics by choosing the SEARCH option through the menus
Choose a topic to begin studying. All topics are coded by UNIT and CLASS. (i.e. Animals801 is from the Animals Unit in Class 8 Science)
The first question is sent through an SMS (text message)
Respond with the correct answer choice
Receive a tailored response for your answer choice
Continue with quiz
Receive mark, rank, and suggestions for new quizzes at the end

To Do a Mini Lesson:

If you receive below a 50% on a quiz, Eneza will tell you to review a mini lesson on the topic
Simply follow the directions at the end of a quiz to access the mini lesson
Type NEXT after receiving each SMS (message)

To Use Wikipedia

Type the word WIKI followed by what you wish to search (e.g. WIKI Kenya)
Send your message to our Safaricom number: 20851
You will automatically receive the Wikipedia text for that topic

Ask a Teacher a Question

Type the word ASK followed by your question
Send your message to our Safaricom number: 20851
Your question will be sent to a live teacher for a response
You will be sent a response within 1 hour

Directions for Teachers or Parents Using Basic Phones

Register for SMS Reports & Tips

Receive reports once a week that give the averages for your student(s) for each subject
Simply dial *291# SEND on any Safaricom line
If you are a parent, you will select the “Parent” option from the home menu
If you are a teacher, you will register with your names and schoo

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