Here is a list of things that you, as an Entrepreneur Must Know

Day by day, we see many people turn entrepreneurs. They all love to work on their own, they want to be their own boss. Many people want to leave the “shackles” of their jobs, they want to live an awesome life. But there are some things every entrepreneur must know, which if everybody trying to become and entrepreneur knows, many will not even try to be and those who try to be will become even more successful.

Below are 7 great things every entrepreneur must know.

  1. Have Goals: This might sound obvious, but let me tell you that most entrepreneurs, especially in the online world do not have goals. Many of them believe in what we call “fate” and believe that the future will decide for itself.

The future does not own the future, you own the future – If the future is going to decide for itself then you will get what the future brings (which  is anything) but if you decide for the future then you will get what you want.

Entrepreneurs make it happen and they don’t believe in the impossibility, it is your goals that will fuel you towards a better future, it will make achieving your dreams seemingly easy.

Goals should not just be anything, it should be clear and trackable goals. “If your goals can no longer be tracked, then it is no longer a goal”. You should have a time-frame for your goal i.e. when you want it to happen.

It is also very important to set achievable goals and not obstructive goals. Obstructive goals are goals you will set that will prevent you from doing anything at all, for example, when I started guest posting, I set a goal that I want to be writing 60 guest posts a month, I was unable to do anything the first and second day and lo and behold the goal prevented me from writing a single guest post but when I broke it down to 3 guest posts a day for 7 days in my 7 days challenge) I was able to write 16 posts.

  1. Get Started: Entrepreneurs are not slothful (lazy), they are “go-getters“, they are hardworking and are ready to give it what it takes.

Many “to-be” entrepreneurs will keep saying, “I will soon do this”, “I will do this next year”. Now is the time! The more you postpone your starting date, the more you postpone your success. Entrepreneurs don’t procrastinate but are ready to do anything.

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It does not matter what that idea is, getting started is what it needs (at least,for the time being).

  1. Listen! Listen! Listen!: Entrepreneurs do listen. As an entrepreneur,  the major thing you need is ideas, idea to make things better, ideas to enhance your business and many other ideas. You will always get ideas by listening.

Even if you listen to a fool, you still have something to gain (at the very least, you will learn not to be a fool).

As an entrepreneur, you will always have lovers and haters but I will advice you not to listen to your lovers only, they don’t see your mistakes – they only see what you are doing right. Your lovers will hardly tell you when you are wrong and that will deeply affect your fall, your haters will always look for opportunities to put you in sorrow and if you probably examine what they say, there is something to learn from it.

Listening is not auctioning, the fact that you listened to someone does not mean you are going to do what the fellow says.

  1. Decide: I didn’t plan to include this point initially but it came along and I think it is a must to include this.

Entrepreneurs are bold at heart and they are not afraid to

decide or take risks.

While it is always important to listen to others, as an entrepreneur, you should know that you will always have to take solid decisions that will make or mar your business.

There was a blogger, not a popular one though (not as popular as I am – and I am not yet popular ;)). He quit blogging with a silly excuse, he said since everything he could write has already been written in the blogosphere so there is nothing he could write, he decided to quit blogging. He was at the point of taking a decision but He took the wrong decision.

I have also faced such decision and I must tell you that there will be time when you will no longer feel like blogging, but you need to take the right decision.

All decision should not be taken at a stretch, there are some decisions that can never be taken immediately and if taken can lead to the ruin of your business. Give your decisions time and take the right decision.

  1. People First,Business Second: One thing you will see most entrepreneurs doing is trying to do business at all cost. All they will plan is, “No matter what, I will make this money now!”. Why must it be now? Entrepreneurs have good business ethics and you should not be ready to sacrifice your readers at the cost of your business.
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People make business possible and without people there will NEVER be anything like business. Your readers and customers should be your priority, try to satisfy them in any way possible.

If you take good care of people, they will take good care of you. No wonder Zig Ziglar said, “If you want to get anything in life, then give people what they want“.

The truth is, people are ready to pay, they just want to be sure

that you have what is right for them.

If all you do is promote product after product on your blog or on your list, then you are wasting your time, you are not giving them what they want.

Don’t just release products for the sake of it, or for the money in it, release products because you have value to give. As your business is important to you, people should be more important because people make the business.

  1. Be Passionate and Patient: These two are one of the most important passion things any entrepreneur will have. You will notice the blogger I talked about above, you will notice he is simply not passionate. No matter what an entrepreneur is facing, his passion for his business will not let him leave it.

I am blogging because I have passion for it, nothing more. I am presently 16 and this blog can make me money that will feed me and my family month by month but is not presently making it. Why? I presently don’t have time to think about money, I am always spending my time working on making this blog better day by day because I have passion for it.

A number of people have told me to sell this blog, but I told them that even if I am offered a million dollars, I can’t, selling this blog is like I am selling my life, I have invested hundreds of hours on it and I believe my time is invaluable, why? I have passion for this place.

Your passion will make you stronger, it is what will make sure you are not discouraged, it is what will keep on fueling you, it will give you strength when you never believe you can get it. Your passion is the single most important element in your business – you must have it.

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Many people think patience is not important, this is not true, patience is very important to the success of an entrepreneur.

Why is it that many of the most successful people who ever lived were successful after years of trying? It is simply because they were patient. They did not start alone, they started with several others who we did not know and may never know but they were successful because they were patient while others quitted.

  1. Be Professional: One great thing about entrepreneursis that they are professional, you don’t need to have a poor design simply because you write valuable content, your appearance matters a lot and it can affect your business in so many ways.

If you are professional then professional people will come your way and they will help make things better for you.

We are in a world where people judge by appearance, it doesn’t matter what you know, your stuff is not what matters but how you present yourself and your stuff. if people see you as someone who is not professional then they will simply believe you have no value to provide.

  1. Network: No point in deceiving ourselves, this list is incomplete without adding networking to it. One of the most important traits of successful entrepreneurs is that they are connected.

The major key to an  entrepreneur’s success is networking. Two heads are better than one and there is no how one can achieve better results than two who are collaborated.

Even if two people are working with each other, I mean you are both working on your businesses, you will achieve more results individually than when you working separately.

One of the best things to do in life is to be self-dependent – in every area of your life – If another person can affect your life anyhow by saying “you are fired” or if you cannot call your boss a jerk and be free, then I am sorry, being an entrepreneur is the way to go and the above are 8 great things every entrepreneur must know.

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