Here are some behaviors that will Immediately shut down that deal you worked so hard to seal

As a leader and entrepreneur, there are certain expectations that others have of you, such as acting the part and delivering a message, service or product of value and some of the things we say and do, play a huge role in creating a myriad perception of the qualities we have in running a business.

So as you go seal that huge deal, what are some of the things you should look out for? What are the things you should say? Here are some of behaviors that will immediately shut down the deal that you worked so hard to seal:
1. Complaining: It undermines leadership efforts. It also establishes your reputation as a person who cannot be trusted. Authenticity is about dealing with conflict as it happens rather than waiting for the leader to leave the room. When people know where you stand, they also know what you stand for.

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2. Showing emotion: Entrepreneurs are expected to comport themselves professionally, and that means having the self- and social-awareness to know when to put up, shut up or blow up. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right or privilege to express your emotion whether it is anger or joy, it simply means know the right time and place to do so. It also requires understanding different personalities; because all people have different qualities and character traits and respond differently to different situations.

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3. Lack of commitment: Sometimes it gets difficult to make decisions, especially those that both parties agree on. This lack of direction can cause business relationships to be cut. Make sure you adopt an ‘agree to disagree’ mentality for this ensures that all team members are committed.

By Susan Mukami.

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