Have You Started Video Marketing Yet?

Video marketing is simply marvellous!

Statistics, surveys, direct opinions, and experiences have proven that you can ace on-line marketing with videos. The conversion rate is much better when compared to other options and your on-line business sales can sky-rocket thanks to this mode of marketing. This is why it is a part and parcel of marketing and advertising strategies today. Let us take a closer look:

Video Marketing Attracts Visitors and Search Engines

We are all too familiar with search engine optimization and its related strategies. Most strategies say that you should concentrate on the customer and search engines will follow. Others say that you should concentrate on both equally (for example, using keywords) so that you are in good books. Video marketing scores both at the same time. People love watching videos and Google has a special preference to videos.

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52% business owners have said that videos have increased their ROI. They have also reported that their Google rank improved tremendously with this strategy. Video testimonials are also highly attractive and are said to increase sales by a whopping 600%!

Video Marketing Magic On The Website

When you include high quality videos in your e-marketing strategies you can almost be sure that visitors will linger longer on your website. The longer they stay, the more the chances of purchase! Also, many people prefer viewing to reading. Look at it like this: readers don’t mind watching videos every now and then but non-readers will not read! Thus, videos attract adamant readers and non-readers. That said, you shouldn’t strip your website off content. Textual content is still very important.

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The Conversions of This Online Marketing Medium Are Sweet!

When you send video emails, you will see that the click through rate is much better. In fact, reports say there is 96% increase in them. Video testimonials, on the other hand, encourage more than 50% of the visitors to go ahead and make a purchase. This is because real testimonials from real people are always reassuring.

Video Marketing Is Here To Stay And Will Become BIG


More than 75% marketers are soon going to include video marketing in their online marketing strategies because of its benefits. It will probably be more popular than Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels in the days to come.

When are you going to start?

Entrepreneurial Learning

Among all online marketing strategies, video marketing has emerged as the winner because it is more convenient and attractive. Users and search engines alike prefer videos. That is why you should adopt strategies that integrate them.

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