From selling neck pieces to starting a beauty company, meet Margaret the brain behind Merabs

BY Brian Njanjo

“Hey sister, what business will you do after graduating since these having a first degree does not necessarily land you a job?” That was by brother’s question during my first year long holiday Margaret Munya popularly known as Meg narrates to me as I start a conversation with her.

Meg a 4th year student at Kenyatta university pursuing a bachelor of arts, double major Degree in Gender and Linguistics and founder of Merabs tells me her brothers question was comical since in her head she couldn’t do any business. When she resumed for her second year she realized that her pocket money wasn’t enough and remembered her brother’s words and started thinking of what she could really do.

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She started by selling neck pieces for a friend on commission of about ksh 100 per piece advertising them on WhatsApp as her own unique thing. She started with a capital of about ksh 2000 from a little savings and some from her brother. She sort for places with unique jewelry and started with a few earrings selling them to her classmates and as time went by she introduced other accessories after ploughing back profits into the business and the rest she says its history.

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She tells me that her motivation comes mainly from her mother, brother and her loyal customers. She dreams of making merabs not only a household name but an institutional name by training and empowering students in all universities who will be her ambassadors of merabs. She also dreams of having a wholesale shop in other parts of Kenya other than Nairobi.

“Balancing between school work and business is quite challenging.” She tells and that is her biggest challenge in addition the fact that she doesn’t have a fixed shop and sometime she has to have a mobile shop and getting partner who understand her vision more than money is also a challenge to her.

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She advises other upcoming entrepreneurs to work with what they have and with time their businesses will expand ad let passion motivate them not just profits and most importantly to tithe to give God a proportion of what they earn.


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