Forbes Top 30 Most Promising Entrepreneur '14 '15 Eric Kinoti talks failure

At one point of my life, I used to look at failure as the opposite of success. I used to be very afraid not to be the best. I remember in high school being stressed for failing my Biology paper, I thought that was the end of me; but later I came to realize that failure, in whatever field and capacity should be a stepping stone to success.

I took a look at people like Bill Gates, Oprah, Mandela, Warret Buffet, Daymond John and other and I realized that Failure was part of their process. They all failed, but they never gave up. This realization kept me going in my rough days when I could not afford to pay for office space in Ngara or keep even one casual employee.

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You see, when you mess up or you encounter failure, it can feel like the world is ending and your life is kaput… but it’s good to know that you are not the first one. You can bounce back. Failure is part of the process and to be successful you absolutely must learn to make it a tool as opposed to roadblock.

Failure hurts, and that may never change, but it’s how you learn from it that matters. Today, shake up that fail-bump and get out and keep trying. Thomas Edison failure 10,000 times before succeeding in making the light bulb, but every single time it didn’t work, he said that’s not failure, its discovery of another way it doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid to fail. The only reason we fall is to learn to pick ourselves up; Perseverance is everything.

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Have a great week.
Eric Kinoti is an Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Knowledge Philanthropist.Forbes Top 30 Most Promising Entrepreneurs ’14 ’15 and Founder & Director Shade Systems (EA) Ltd

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