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Ever considered how much income your passion- whatever it may be- would earn you were you to commercialize it? No seriously, do think about it, you might end up being surprised. Ask one Grishon Mwangi, the founder of Flash Photography. His simple urge to take photos come any opportunity would soon pay off-and big- when his sister convinced him to make money off of it. A mere suggestion of the word “flash image” would later constitute the name for his enterprise as well.

Inasmuch as he did not begin with any capital, the young entrepreneur was not discouraged as he was able to have easy access to editing software, not to mention you tube for the skills. He also singles out Samuel Kegode, one of his friends who also offered much support as he was starting up. His first customer would be his cousin who offered to pay him quite an amount to cover a friend’s surprise birthday party. From then, the ball was set rolling.

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Grishon, like other student entrepreneurs has also not let school be a hindrance to attending to his work. He is able to hack at least two shoots in a month especially over the weekends- usually on account of schoolwork. However, he always ensures his website is updated at least once per month and with a combination of all the photos taken during the particular month. Now he may not have reached the stable position that enables him to quote the specific numbers, he believes and it also shows that he is making significant progress.

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He sees himself as one of the most sort out photographers in the near future, and understandably so. In the meantime, however, he is more focused on getting a team together to help him achieve that. This would also help in the growth of his business mindset, he believes. The young photographer is keen when it comes to customer satisfaction, a trait he has confidence in sets him apart from other photographers. He is all about ensuring the customer is gratified by the final product and that is probably what keeps them coming back for more.

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His main inspiration would be his parents, mainly because of their hard work and resilience, something that is evident in the young man’s work ethics. Fortunately for him, he is yet to meet credit defaulters in his line of business, and quite frankly we here at the founder hope he never does.

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