What do most successful entrepreneurs have in common? They had a mentor who helped them pave their path to success.

Business planning and running a business can be very taxing. A mentor can help you through your journey. Remarkable mentorship is a gift that you will cherish forever. We have tips to help you find the best mentor:

Mentors are not here to praise you and compliment you at every step

You should understand that mentors are not here to praise you. They will give you advice and critique you. That criticism may not go down well for you but it will help you grow. Thus, you should first ask yourself whether you just want someone who will compliment you or someone who will constructively help you grow.


Remarkable mentors are frank and straightforward

In order to increase productivity, you should realize that communication is key. A good mentor will keep discussing with you frankly. If you are doing something wrong, he will let you know even if you dislike it. If a mentor barely communicates and stays silent, he is a bad one.

You need to brace yourself for raw, harsh feedback

A good mentor will hurt you. That’s the plain truth. He will hurt you with his words and feedback but that’s only because he wants you to do better. It is absolutely not because he wants to discourage you or has something against you. He only provides candid feedback so that you stay on the ground and improve.

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Build your relationship on empathy and listening

Building a relationship with your mentor is very important. All successful entrepreneurs have excellent relationships with their mentors. You can achieve that through listening and empathy. Working together must come naturally to both of you. It shouldn’t be an obligation that you dislike in the most part. If that happens, your relationship will fade and you won’t get anything out of your relationship with your mentor.

Choose someone you admire and would like to match

If your mentor is someone you admire you will more likely listen to what he has to say and take his feedback in your stride. If you don’t have connections with someone like that, use LinkedIn to find one. Build relations and spread your network. You will find a great person in your niche who is successful and full of wisdom.

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A good mentor could be the difference between success and failure.

Entrepreneurial Learning

A remarkable mentor will be your guiding light. Running a business can get very tedious but with the right mentor you will be able to avoid unnecessary mistakes and find success smoothly. Choose your mentor wisely.

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