Find out 5 Shocking Myths About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a neat path to tread but there are things that you should know and understand about it. There are so many myths surrounding entrepreneurship that it is actually shocking. A few myths end up encouraging people to startup on their own even though they are not ready and the remaining discourage people who are ready to go! It is time to clear your head of all such myths so that you know what entrepreneurship actually entails and whether it is the right path for you.

Myth Number One: Entrepreneurship Is The Only Way To Be A Millionaire Agreed that the richest in the world are entrepreneurs but that doesn’t mean you have no other way to get rich.

There are people who have never been leaders – only worked for another company and enjoyed riches. Take Microsoft for example. This company is known to have created thousands of millionaires.


Myth Number Two: Entrepreneurship Will Make You Happier Your happiness depends on you.

If you like the thought of working hard and earning every morsel you eat with a lot of effort, you will enjoy entrepreneurship. However, if you start a business because you think it’ll make you happy regardless of whether your heart is truly in it, you are doing it wrong.

Myth Number Three: Entrepreneurship Makes You The Boss If you want to be an entrepreneur to have no boss, you are in for a surprise.

Remember that at every stage in your life, in one way or the other you are always answerable to someone. Even if you are the CEO of the company you will have to answer to the board of directors. If you have no superiors, you should look at your customers. You are always answerable to them.

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Myth Number Four: You Will Be Free Startup owners are not free.

They have to run around 24/7 at least for the first two years. You may also end up wrecking your work-life balance in the process. Thus, you should never be under the impression that entrepreneurship will give you freedom.

Myth Number Five: There are No Jobs This is the most shocking myth we have come across.

Many people think that with technology and the power of outsourcing, there are no full-time jobs. Technology did not destroy anything. Technology gave birth to more jobs than you can imagine. If you are not able to work, it is because you lack important skills. Look within yourself. These myths will entangle you and confuse you. That is why you should get out of them and understand that entrepreneurship, just like all jobs, requires hard work and dedication. It is not a shortcut to money or fame or anything else.


Entrepreneurial Learning

Before you enter the world of entrepreneurship you should understand it properly and not get influenced by myths. You will hear many myths at different stages but you should never let them change your thought process.

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