Fashionpreneur Of The Year -Wilkings Fadhili

Meet Wilkings Fadhili, a Creative Entrepreneur at only 24 years of age. He is the brains behind Fashion Torch Africa, a media and fashion Production Company that works in building fashion brands into successful businesses. It is the only company in East Africa working with people living with different kinds of disabilities by training, mentoring, branding and equipping them with skills all in a bid to make sure they also contribute in the growth of Africa Fashion.

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FTA deals in shows production, events management and production model management, TV show. Currently Fashion Torch has built a business incubation/mentorship hub for fashion and creative brands and ideas. The hub gives Entrepreneurs access to Funding and Mentorship.

The Incubation Hub also works with a vision of growing Africa Fashion and creative brands into viable businesses; currently they have startups from Kenya, Rwanda and Congo.

Wilkings Fadhili, a trained journalist and PR practitioner from Daystar University, is also among the Top 40 under 40 Men (2015) Finalists in Kenya.


He says that he is passionate about growing people’s ideas into businesses and creating more opportunities.

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